Boys allowed – Interiors with male order

Studio flat with modern design

Move over decor divas-men are muscling in on interiors and creating impressive temples of style.

While they were once seen only as DIY-ers, who wouldn’t be seen dead dithering over Elephant’s Breath or Downpipe (paint shades, in case you’re wondering), blokes are now exploring their taste, and becoming as fussy about their homes as they are their cars and clothes.

“Men have grown in confidence about expressing their personal style and being aware of trends. They’re becoming just as savvy about interiors, knowledgeable about furniture designers and specific about a look they want to live with,” says Benjamin Hanley, who works at contemporary furniture specialists, West Elm.

“We’re seeing them buying into mid-century and industrial styles.

“These have quite masculine, structural aesthetics, which offer big impact.

“We encourage them to select a statement piece of furniture they love as a starting point, and then build around that, so their look can grow and emerge. “A sleek, sophisticated pared-back look, with a colour palette at the darker end of the spectrum, is currently the most popular.” Here’s how to create the ultimate man-zone…

Male Territory

“A home needs to be a sanctuary and for modern-day men, it’s a place to show off personal style. While the basic ingredients were once leather, shag pile carpets and lava lamps, today’s reality is about a classy yet comfortable space, which makes the most of minimalism and shows off gadgetry,” says Anna Gillespie, guest editor at Anglian Home Improvements. “My advice would be steer clear of a boring black and grey colour scheme and opt for lighter neutral shades, such as cream and white, and then add on-trend bursts of bright colours-racing car red or green, or even emerald green and bright blue.”

TIP: Lighting can transform mood and atmosphere.

Game of Thrones

You’re the boss at home, so choose a ‘hot’ seat which combines cutting-edge style with comfort. “Seating’s key and a sofa, usually the largest piece in a living room, should be in harmony with the overall decor scheme,” says Rebecca Snowden, interior style advisor at Furniture Choice.

“The industrial trend is particularly male-friendly as it creates an air of relaxed informality and relies on colour and texture in natural materials, rather than fussy detail. Choose chunky, leather sofas or a Chesterfield -a‘gentlemen’s club’ classic.

“Other characteristic ingredients are exposed concrete floors or polished concrete walls, brickwork, ladder shelving and metal lighting fixtures. The advantage of this urban-luxe style is that new pieces can be added over time. Mismatching is fine and won’t jar, because the whole look should have an eclectic feel.”

TIP: No bachelor pad is complete without high spec media kit and gadgets.

Get down & detailed

Fuss and frills have no place in any self-respecting male’s zone, but cool, covetable pieces do and they’ll ramp up your design credentials. “In the past, a man’s priority for furniture and interior choices was largely practicality, but the finer points of design, aesthetics and craftsmanship are now regarded equally important,” says Claire Hornby, creative and display manager at Barker & Stonehouse.

“The truly design-savvy are confident enough to opt for bold choices-and allow them to star in a room; maybe a brightly coloured sofa or a distinctive reclaimed wooden table.”

TIP: Don’t overlook framed art-posters stuck on a wall just harks back to student days. “Men often choose pieces based on their investment potential. They tend to like masculine-style prints; classic sporting images, or abstract shapes and graphic patterns.

Source: s1homes Fife magazine

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