Buyers’ heads rule their hearts

Couple holding the keys to their new house

Energy efficiency and security top homebuyers’ property “must-have” features with good central heating systems, double glazing, and secure doors and windows top priorities. Buyers also rate a good broadband connection over friendly neighbours, gardens rather than garages, and a reliable mobile phone signal as opposed to a landline phone connection. Good schools, open-plan kitchens, living areas and period features are among the features that fail to make the property “must-have” top 20, according to research from The survey reveals that more buyers are concerned with having a garden (65%) than a conservatory, suggesting that the traditional investment may actually harm your chances of selling your home. Matt Sanders from Home Insurance said: “Buying a home is a major investment and while most of us will only buy a house if it ‘feels right’, our survey should give those looking to sell a steer on what buyers are after. “We found that many potential buyers are prioritising efficiency, security and connectivity over aesthetic features. “This suggests modern buyers are buying with their heads rather than their hearts and that investing in things like a new boiler, additional electrical sockets or modernising your home’s insulation could be a smarter investment than traditional selling points such as period features or conservatories.” Buyers not looking to invest further in the property in order to sell should instead consider making small changes to the décor when the time comes to sell, Saunders suggested. “Making your home seem warmer, fresher and more secure could have a positive effect on potential buyers,” he pointed out. “Our research shows that buyers are becoming more financially savvy and are willing to make compromises on the finer details of a property to keep costs down and avoid expensive work in the future.”

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