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Trying to be a little more planet-friendly? Like most things in life, it starts at home – but knowing where to start or whether your efforts are worthwhile, can be tricky. “It’s easy to think of being planet-friendly as something we can buy, which often just adds to the problems of environmental damage,” says Grand […]

Investing your hard-earned cash in property can be daunting. Should you rent or buy? Where’s the best location? Are the locals model citizens or nightmare neighbours? One of the biggest considerations is whether to opt for a flat or a house. Still not sure which is best for you? Don’t worry, s1homes is here to […]

With most things in life timing is everything and this is especially true if you’re thinking of buying a home or moving into a new rental property. In Scotland, we can experience all four seasons in one day . . .  but there are differences in demand and prices as we move through the year. […]

Commuting is a large part of many daily lives, whether it’s cycling, driving or hopping on a bus or train to get to work. In fact, more than three million Brits are estimated to spend at least two hours every day travelling to and from their workplaces. Some of the locations considered best for commuting […]

We’ve all heard horror stories or may even have terrible tales to tell ourselves – yes, some rental experiences really can be a nightmare. Lots of hidden legal jargon, lousy landlords and a host of hidden charges are just some of the skeletons that can jump out from closets. Thankfully, there’s no need to hide. […]

Whether you rent or own, running a home can become a costly affair if you don’t keep bills in check – electricity, gas, council tax, internet, phone . . . it all adds up. But there are plenty of little changes you can make to reduce costs, especially when it comes to energy bills. Double […]

You want your dream home to have the X Factor and, thanks to the properties on s1homes, there’s a good chance you’ll find the best. But if you’re planning to share communal spaces or live in an apartment block, there’s a high chance your building will also have a property factor. Also known as property […]

At s1homes we don’t think buying a property should be a headache. That’s why we make it as simple as possible for you – including explaining things such as the Home Report. If you’re selling a property in Scotland, the law requires you to provide this document, which presents a comprehensive picture of the property […]

When choosing a home to buy or rent there are many factors to consider. Flat or house? Country or city? And when kids are brought into the mix, this means factoring in their immediate and future needs as a top priority. Let’s take a closer look at the top considerations for all house-hunting families. Schools […]

At s1homes we know that moving to a new home can be tricky. Factors like the cost of the removals, furnishing your new home and making sure everything is set up to settle in, all come into play and can make the process a  bit stressful. If you’re currently searching for a new property to rent or buy, we’d like […]

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