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  Are you looking for a rental home in Scotland but are unsure about which area you should look in that fits your personality? Keep calm and let s1homes help! We’re happy to present our first ever rental quiz, Get a Move On. Our fun and quick quiz (with only 10 questions; we know your time is valuable!) has been […]

We are glad to announce that our new Moving Services page is now live. We know that moving home is a huge decision and you may feel stressed about all the costs associated with it and unsure about what you’ll end up paying. Don’t worry, to help you make your move hassle free and hopefully […]

A lot of the time the best thing about being a tenant is your landlord is the one who has to do all the work, from repairing the leaky tap to replacing the shoogly dining table. When it comes to insurance, however, you’re going to have to make some decisions for yourself. Thankfully s1homes has […]

  You may well be familiar with the phrase: Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. But the temptation to put a chore on the back-burner is strong – stronger even than the temptation to don your dungarees and get stuck into regrouting the shower. When it comes to property maintenance, however, […]

There’s a lot to be said for both routes so, ultimately, it comes down to your personal priorities. Sell, sell, sell!   The case for: If you’re looking to buy a new property, as opposed to renting your next home, selling your current house means you can use any equity to put towards a deposit. […]

  No, it’s not the name of an underground grime artist or an office of the Crown. An HMO, or House in Multiple Occupation, is a property shared by three or more people who are unrelated. HMO properties can be found across the land but they tend to cluster in urban areas with high student […]

During the course of your tenancy your landlord is likely to arrange a tenancy inspection. This is a chance for them to ensure everything is tickety-boo with the property. It also means, if something is wrong, it can be fixed. During an inspection the landlord will check the general condition of the property and any […]

Renting a flat or house is a big commitment. Along with the monthly payment, you´ll need to pay the deposit, plus the other associated costs, like the council tax, the energy and electricity, etc. Now that rental prices seem to be increasing in Scotland, we thought that we could help, with a selection of some […]

If you’ve been looking on s1homes for a dream property to buy or rent, chances are you’ve discovered more than a few that ticked all of your boxes . . . yet, on the day of the viewing, the objects of everyday life got in the way and overwhelmed your senses. Was it the enormous […]

So you’ve moved to your new rented property but somehow you’re not feeling the full effect of being in your own home. Could it be the décor isn’t quite what you remembered in the first viewing? Or perhaps when you sit down in the living room you don’t feel completely at ease? Not to worry! […]

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