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If you rent your home, there may be a time when it suits you to sublet. Perhaps you’re planning a round-the-world working holiday but want to keep your much-loved flat or house to return to when you get back. Maybe you’re moving in with the love of your life but want to keep your options […]

If home is where the heart is, does it really matter whether we own the object of our affections or simply rent it? Truth be told, there are advantages and disadvantages in both these scenarios. So let’s look more closely at buying versus renting.   Buying: the pros Investment Depending on your mortgage deal – […]

Competition means the rental market is red hot right now, so landlords have their pick of new tenants. This means. if you see a property that ticks all the boxes on your wish list, you’ll need to move faster than Planet Earth’s star iguana to make it yours. Thankfully we’ve top tips to help you […]

The peace and quiet of the countryside versus the buzz of life in the big city? It’s a dilemma for anyone looking to buy or rent a house. So we’ve put together a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether you want to be a country dweller or a city slicker. City […]

When it comes to persuading tenants your apartment or house is perfect for them, it’s all about making them feel right at home. This means allowing them to see themselves already on the couch, feet up, watching the new series of The Great British Bake Off… So how do you turn your property for rent […]

Homeowners can become accidental landlords for any number of reasons. Perhaps you’ve inherited a country cottage from a long lost auntie and find yourself looking for a tenant who loves rose gardening. You may be relocating to Aberdeen for a career promotion and so renting out your house in Peebles. One of the most common […]

Entering university or college life is a time for new adventures. The flip side is moving away from home and its familiar comforts can be unsettling. No more of mum’s special casseroles. No more of dad’s running commentaries during Strictly. Thankfully, s1homes can make your move easier, with our top tips on how to find […]

Renting out a room to a perfect – sometimes imperfect – stranger is some folk’s idea of hell. To others it’s a heavenly way to boost income, halve house bills and even help pay off the mortgage sooner. If you’re a homeowner who has the space but is still weighing up the pros and cons of […]

We’re glad to share with you the interview with the winner of the s1homes month’s #FreeRent, Victoria Burtt. Victoria and her husband were living in Kent, but are moving all the way to Scotland, something that will be easier thanks to the £750 prize towards their first rental payment. Read through Victoria’s story and how […]

s1homes welcomes Jen Paice, CEO of SafeDeposits Scotland in the second of two guest blogs. Please note ‘landlord’ also applies to letting agents in this post, as the person acting on the landlord’s behalf. If you rent your home and pay a deposit, your landlord legally must protect your money with a tenancy deposit scheme. […]

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