Get the most from tenancy inspections

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During the course of your tenancy your landlord is likely to arrange a tenancy inspection. This is a chance for them to ensure everything is tickety-boo with the property.

It also means, if something is wrong, it can be fixed.

During an inspection the landlord will check the general condition of the property and any outside space.

Similarly, if you’re the owner of a property that’s being rented out, there are some key things that will warrant taking out the clipboard.


These will include smoke, carbon monoxide and security alarms to ensure they are in perfect working order. Safety first!


Boiler, hot water and heating systems should also be functioning safely. In a rented property, a registered gas engineer must carry out an annual gas safety check on each appliance.

Wear and tear

Any leaks or signs of damp that may have appeared since the last inspection will be checked and all sanitary fittings such as sinks and baths ticked off as undamaged, as well as examine the furniture and furnishing. This even includes supplied appliances, such as kettles and cookers. Any repairs carried out since the last visit will also be looked at.

For a tenant, the inspection can feel like it’s all about you being put on the spot but remember: like true love and dancing the tango, this is a two-way thing.

An inspection is a great chance to meet face-to-face with your landlord, who may not be so easy to get hold of at other times.

So take advantage and be prepared with any issues you want to raise about the condition of your home.

Like any formal meeting, it can be easy for the cat to catch your tongue so jot down in advance any questions you have.

If there’s something that needs urgent attention, make sure you agree a plan of action with your landlord and a timescale before they leave. It’s always a good idea to suggest a set time when you can call them to check on progress.

The same goes, if you’re the owner landlord. Having had a chance to catch up with your tenants, keep this good relationship going.

Of course, not all inspections are carried out in person.

Often a letting agent will make the visit – but with the same objective: to ensure everything is in working order and to listen to any concerns tenants may have.

And, remember it’s in a landlord and letting agent’s interests to address concerns swiftly – securing a replacement tenant requires time, money and effort.

If a tenant feels safe and well looked after in a property, they’re more likely to stay longer and that’s good news for everyone.

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