Moving home with your pets

Couple sitting on sofa with their pet dog


When we move home, nothing happens quickly. If you’re a renter, you have a notice period to give. If you’re a homeowner, the process of putting your property on the market and finding your next doesn’t happen overnight.

This means by the time moving day rolls around, you’ve been preparing for some time.

For our pets, however, things are very different.

Moving day dawns like any other – and they have no idea their whole world is about to change.

Animals are, to put it simply, creatures of habit. While a change of address will always be an upheaval, there are things you can do to ease the transition.

Since goldfish and tortoises seem quite content to be carefully moved into their new abode, we’ve focussed on cats and dogs.


Our four-legged friends are pack animals, which means home is where the pack is. As long as you’re moving with them, they’ll remain content. Saying that, there are still things you can do for your dog.


Depending on your dog’s temperament, it may be a good idea to have friends or family look after him or her on moving day. If this isn’t possible, try to keep your best friend, along with food, water and toys, in one room while removal men are at work.

Stay safe

When you arrive at your new place, check the boundaries to make sure any gaps in fences or hedges are closed before Fido is allowed to roam free.

Smell well

Familiar scents can help your pet relax. Put one of your worn jumpers into their dog basket – it’s the perfect security blanket.


Feline friends are more territorial than dogs. If they’re free to roam outside, they’ll have a very well-defined patch. A change in their environment can therefore be a big stress. So . . .

Easy does it

Pack up your home gradually as this will be far less stressful for your cat. Leave the room they spend most time until last. This means they still have their safe space.

Slow and sure

Once in the new home, get them used to one room before allowing them to venture further. A whole new house to explore is actually quite overwhelming for a cat so let them set the pace.

Aroma therapy

A synthetic feline pheromone diffuser can be an effective way of calming tiny Tiddles during times of stress. Most pet shops stock them.

And finally

Remember to update your address and landline details on your pet’s microchip records. With all the coming and going, it can be easy to forget. It means should your furry friend ever get lost in a new and unfamiliar area, you have peace of mind they can be returned home.

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