5 quick fixes to make a rental feel like your own

Couple moving in new apartment, woman and man putting picture on the wall

For those used to renting, the one downside can be that it is hard to make the property feel like your own because it isn’t technically yours to own. Depending on the landlord as well, there can be some restrictions when it comes to decorating too, but with our 5 quick fixes, you can feel at home in your new rental property without too much hassle, and money.

  1. Give it a good clean


You’ll be surprised at what a good clean can do to your rental property, and any home in fact. Most people moving into a new rental will clean as standard, but a thorough deep clean will help get rid of anything left behind from the previous tenant. You might think that floors and carpets are old or need replacing, but a good scrub will have them almost good as new and smelling fresh too.

Don’t forget to check if there is a rota for cleaning the communal areas too, such as the stairs and shared landing with your neighbour. There may be a cleaner that comes in regularly as part of the factor agreement but worth checking out – you don’t want to miss your turn. Even if it isn’t your turn, when your first move in you might want to give at least your front door and landing a little tidy. Plus, it’s a great way to make friends with your neighbours.


  1. Make it warm and cosy

The best way to feel at home is to feel warm and cosy, but you can’t do that if your home is chilly or there are drafts. When you first move in, check over the property for any drafty windows or cracks and have these highlighted with your landlord to have fixed. Check the heating and radiators are in full working order too. It’s best to check these things as soon as possible, especially over winter months. There are other ways too that will make your home feel cosy, such as lighting candles, using table or floor lamps instead of harsh ceiling lights, and putting up thicker curtains. Putting down cosy rugs on hard wood floors will also keep your feet warm without the expense of having to put down new carpet or having to ask permission to do so. If the property is a little older and it generally feels cold, you can use draft excluders on your internal doors too.

  1. Surround yourself with friendly faces

Depending on your tenancy agreement, you may be restricted with putting up pictures or art with nails that cause damage to the walls, but this shouldn’t stop you from surrounding yourself with familiar faces. Instead of using nails, you can use command strips that stick to the walls without leaving any lasting damage or marks, or you could have pictures of family and friends displayed on side boards, mantel pieces, or coffee tables. If art is more your thing, try simply leaning larger pieces against the wall on the floor, it may not have the same impact but is still a way of adding your own personal taste and a pop of colour too.

  1. Add a pop of colour

Talking of colour, there are ways of adding a splash without causing one. Either through larger pieces of art or by soft furnishings such as throws and cushions. Many rental properties are kept plain and simple for a reason, allowing each tenant to have a blank canvas, so take this as your opportunity. Use cushions, rugs, and even table lamps as your feature colour in each room. These can be relatively cheap to pick up from home stores and you can rotate them from room to room when you like. It doesn’t need to stop at colour, think of different patterns and textures too. Plus, when it’s time to move on to a new home, you can take them with you.

  1. Be smart with storage

Sometimes, in order to find your dream rental, you may need to compromise somewhere, and often that’s in the storage department. You may feel like you need to get rid of some of your most-loved items or keep them somewhere else, which means out of sight. The most important part about feeling at home is being surrounded by all your favourite things, so this is where you need to think smart about your storage solutions. Think outside the box, and under the bed. Think behind doors with handy hooks and furniture that can fold away or have multiple uses. Vacuum bags are amazing for clothes that are out of season and for extra blankets and duvet covers. If you work from home but your rental doesn’t have a spare room or office space, consider a desk that can attach to the wall and fold away when not in use or one that is attached to wheels that can be rolled away behind the couch when you clock off.


Hopefully these small steps will help you feel at home, but if you’re still on the hunt for your perfect rental then visit s1homes.com today to search all the best properties for rent in Scotland.

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