5 things to do while you stay home

Sportive girl doing push press ups exercise at home

Spending a little more time at home than you used to?

Here’s a helpful list of activities you can do at home to keep you occupied.

  1. Learn something new you’ve always wanted to do

Now is the perfect time to invest in yourself and maybe learn that new language you’ve always thought about? Or maybe you want to become a Photoshop expert and you can use this moment as your opportunity.

Whatever the skills you want to improve, the range of online classes and lessons available is astronomical. So do your search first and get ready to develop your hidden talent!

  1. Cooking time

Use this time to enjoy cooking, like trying new recipes, baking grandma´s cake that you love, or dusting off that recipe book you got two Christmases ago – all without being in a rush.

Make sure you buy only the ingredients you need and be mindful at the supermarket, and start cooking the 12 hour slow roast beef you always wanted to prepare but didn´t find the time to do it!

  1. Decluttering & cleaning

We sometimes struggle to find the time to declutter that room with old stuff that we haven´t used in years or to clean the garage that looks like an antique shop.

While you’re clearing out, make sure you keep the items that can be donated or reused, ready for when we can visit the charity shop again.

  1. DIY – Décor

Maybe during your decluttering, you realise that the old table can have a new life with a lick of paint. Then it´s time again for some video tutorials and start your own DIY project to improve the décor of your house.

  1. Mind and body

It´s important to give your mind a break after a whole day in the house. Meditation can always help to reset your mind or maybe some chill out music will help, whatever your choice is, make sure your mind has this break.

And don´t forget the body, more time in the house can mean a few more visits to the fridge, so make sure you do some exercise too!

Hopefully these ideas will help to make your time at home a more fun and less stressful.

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