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Adult Son Moving Out Of Parent's Home

Moving out of the parental home is a huge step . . . and not just for parents. If you’re a fledgling about to leave the nest and looking forward to living on your own, it’s time to take care of the financial, domestic and emotional responsibilities of fending for yourself.

In other words, to tweak a well-known phrase, with great freedom comes great responsibility.

Thankfully, if you’re looking on s1homes for a fabulous place to rent or buy, we also have fabulous advice.



Yes, your new life begins with boxer shorts and/or bras. Dad may have prided himself on being washer-in-chief but now you have to take care of the laundry yourself.

If you’re renting, make sure there’s a washing machine you can rely on. If you’re buying, investing in white goods that are super-efficient and long-lasting.

Top tip: Avoid tumble dryers and hang or line dry washing instead: it saves money and leaves you and the planet feeling fresher.



Up until now may have enjoyed life in five-star surroundings, where beds get made and meals arrive by magic at least three times a day.

Very soon you’ll face the horror of waking up and finding there’s nothing for breakfast – not even the remnants of last night’s curry.

The good news is now’s also the time to learn how to shop for healthy ingredients and prepare amazing meals for yourself.

Top tip: Get real right now with Rylan and binge watch Ready, Steady, Cook.



It almost goes without saying one of the best things about living alone is having the space all to yourself. Even if your budget only stretches to a one-bedroom apartment, it’s yours, all yours!

Top tip: Living alone feels madly liberating but forgetting to close the curtains can sometimes upset your neighbours.



As well as having your private space, you can choose interior designs that suit your personal taste. Rock out with gothic flock wallpaper or lounge around on a seventies-style shag pile rug.

If you’re renting, just be sure to check with your letting agent or landlord before installing chandeliers.

Top tip: Tastes and trends change fast so think hard before making large-scale and lasting changes.



Ah, now this is the serious question: normal or deluxe pizza? It’s no light matter when the cost is coming out of your own coffers. This new financial phenomenon will make an impact not only on Friday night feasts but everyday spending.

Living expenses will no longer be a nominal monthly input. You’ll have to pay the full amount for all the bills.

As well as the rent or mortgage, the list typically includes electricity, gas, internet and phone services, council tax, buildings and contents insurance and groceries (deluxe pizzas optional).



While you’re still enjoying window shopping for freedom with s1homes, take time to acquaint yourself with typical household expenses.

The best way to do this is ask to see a breakdown of such outgoings from the bank of mum and dad. Be prepared for some heavy reading . . . as well as gaining a whole new level of respect for the old dears.

While your own expenses are likely to be lower, this research provides the basis for creating a personal budget. As well as the bills listed above, remember to factor in existing outgoings, such as a student loan or credit card debt.

Top tip: If you can, set aside cash each month for unexpected expenses – such as deluxe pizza.



Now you have a budget this will also help you gain a better sense of what you can afford in terms of property when looking on s1homes.

Remember, as well as our huge range of houses and flats, s1homes is also the best place to compare and contrast a wide range of things, including rent rates, property values, household commodities and local amenities.

Other important considerations include how far away your friends live.

Top tip: Before choosing, work out how easy it’s going to be to nip ‘back home’ for Sunday lunch.


Get ready to find freedom with the best selection of first-time properties on s1homes.


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