All you need to know about remote living

Isolated white house in the Glencoe Valley, Scotland

The dream of enjoying fresh air, beautiful natural scenery and having the great outdoors right on your doorstep can be very tempting.

But moving to a property in one of Scotland’s many remote locations is a big step – so it makes sense to consider all the advantages and disadvantages before making that dream move a reality.



As a general rule you do get more for your money in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland in terms of number of bedrooms, floor space and land.

A three bedroom flat in Glasgow’s West End, for example, can cost up to £400,000, whereas a large family home in the Highlands could cost you as little as £150,000.



Not all remote properties are solitary. In many remote locations there may be a small number of homes and residents where there is a definite feeling of ‘community’.

Chances are everyone knows everyone.

The downside, of course, is sometimes this means everyone knows everyone’s business.



The provision of amenities such as schools, libraries and GP surgeries vary from place to place, so do your research into the area – especially if you have children or you’re elderly.

While there may be a local shop where you can buy daily necessities, in rural locations you may have to travel further to find a fully-stocked supermarket.

Check if there are local clubs to join – such as a rambling group to guide you around the local sights.



Public transport may not be as frequent in rural areas and links to towns and cities might not always be convenient in time or cost.

This means if you’re commuting to work you may need to rely on the car and often contend with bad weather in the winter.

If you want to work nearby, investigate employment prospects in the area.



Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can relax and enjoy the countryside – taking advantage of the many health benefits living in the countryside offers.

Lower air pollution and easy access to the outdoors offers not just a benefit to your physical but also your mental health.



If you’re planning to work from home, or you just enjoy a good gab with friends, it’s important to investigate the communications capabilities of the area.

You don’t want to move in and find out your WiFi signal is non-existent, so check the level of service with broadband providers and use online speed checkers for that postcode.


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