Best and worst Christmas presents


We’ve been asking our Facebook followers about their best and worst Christmas presents and we’ve had such a good response that we thought we’d share them with you- it might just help you decide what to buy (or not!) your loved ones this year.

Travelling topped the best present list and among the various trips to New York there were a few people who treasured their trips to Lapland to meet Santa. You’re never too old to see Santa!

Hot on the heels of travelling was the gift of technology with many people sharing their delight at finding phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and e-readers under their Christmas tree. There were even some lucky ones who got a car!

Thinking of a Christmas proposal? You’re not alone, many of our followers were asked the big question at Christmas and of course they said YES!

We also heard from people who went the extra mile (literally) to get a gift for their loved ones. From one dad who travelled miles to another city to find the gift for his daughter,  to people who spent hours deciding what to buy for that special person.

It’s not all about material gifts, it warmed our hearts to hear that some of the best gifts our followers received were homemade.  Many said they were over the moon to receive a painting from their child or a photo album full of happy memories or an unexpected visit from friends living abroad.

Pets also proved to be popular gifts from puppies to gold fish the list was endless! Remember a pet is not just for Christmas!

And the best of the best are those lucky parents whose children were born during the festive period, with some even born on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

But, it wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t get at least one unwanted gift.

We found ourselves laughing along with our followers as they told us about their worst Christmas gifts.

Topping the list were, of course, clothes. There really is no accounting for taste, no matter how fashion forward you are there will always be someone who thinks you could use a knitted jumper in last season’s colours. Others were gifted shoes three sizes too small or pyjamas four sizes too big! One of our followers was even given a pair of knitted boxers?!? The mind boggles!

There were a lot of girls who were given anti-wrinkle cream, this might sound like a good present to all you beauty junkies out there but the only problem is the girls were only in their early twenties!

We were surprised to read that a number of people were given a bin as a present!!

A boring present it may be, but at least you can use a bin. Many of our followers told us they have received a number of useless gifts from blank tapes to dog food (they didn’t have a dog), car air fresheners (they didn’t have a car), scented drawer liners, a pack of plasters… the list goes on.

We also discovered that some people have their own competition at home to see which one get the worst present. Now that’s sense of humour!

Topping the list of worst presents were the recycled ones from an unwanted raffle prize, to re-gifted presents but by far the worst is when you get the exact one gift you gave to last Christmas to that person, who would do such a thing?! We hope you’ve taken some notes about what gifts you can give and which ones you shouldn’t!

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