Biggest bugbears in households

The couple is cleaning in the kitchen

For British people living with family, friends or a partner, new research has revealed the top bugbears that cause them to bicker. A survey of 1,021 UK adults carried out by leading household appliances retailer,, revealed that 66 per cent of Brits admit to having disagreements over the household with their cohabitants. 61 per cent of respondents claim that disputes occur in the home between one another at least once a week. The washing up took the top spot as the thing that causes the most arguments in the home, with more than half of the votes. Another cause of squabbles for residents was the temperature in the home, with 43 per cent admitting they argue over the central heating. A further 38 per cent revealed that they have fallen out with somebody at home over what to watch on the television, whilst more than 1 in 3 said that leaving the lights on causes disputes in the home. Losing the remote control (21 per cent) rounded off the list of the top five bugbears in the home which causes families to argue.

Source: s1homes Fife magazine

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