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They say viewing a property in summer is the best time to see it in its best light but viewing a property in winter means you get to see how it really works and how it handles the harshest weather – especially in Scotland. Rain, wind, snow, and ice will all test the ability of […]

We’ve all heard about property prices in Scotland hitting all-time highs but what about the rental market? According to private sector rental statistics from the Scottish government, the average monthly rental price has been consistently rising for the past ten years, with 4-bedroom properties reaching over £1,300 per month in 2020. That’s a 43% increase […]

We all love the feeling of buying something brand new, just out of the wrapper. From the latest new TVs, phones and cars, there’s a special feeling that comes with having the latest new model and knowing that you are the first owner. And it’s no different when it comes to buying a new build […]

With the long-awaited reboot of 90s homemaker over show, Changing Rooms, back on our screens, you may be tempted to take inspiration and give your rooms a little makeover. This could be an entire change-up, or simply transitioning your home interior to match with the seasonal change that is just around the corner. Whether you’re […]

There are many reasons why you may have a property that you don’t live in or need anymore. Maybe you’ve moved in with a partner or moved away for work, whatever the reason, there are options when it comes to your property. At the moment, with property prices at an all-time high, it may seem […]

Moving home can be one of the most stressful events in your life, especially if it’s your first time, if you have children and of course, pets. Moving furniture and other items is a breeze compared to moving things that have a mind of their own. With any big event, the best thing to do […]

It’s a factor that many of us haven’t had to think about for a while, with so many people in Scotland working from home over the past year and avoiding public transport. But now as we all start returning to office life, if you’re considering moving home then your commute could be a big deciding […]

With demand for Scottish properties remaining high and property prices reaching record levels, as a homeowner you may be considering ways to ensure your home is as valuable as possible. Whether that’s in preparation for selling now, or in the future. Luckily, no matter what size your home, there are many simple ways of adding […]

Buying a home, no matter the size, is the biggest financial decision anyone can make in their lifetime and finding the one that is right for you is essential. So it’s no wonder that the majority of buyers have a wishlist when searching for their new home, full of things they need the property to […]

Not only is upcycling a good way to pass the time, but with sustainability being a key trend at the moment and very much on everyone’s mind, it could be your way of helping to save the planet. According to E-On Energy, 90% of Brits say being more environmentally friendly is high on their list […]

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