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As part of the Scottish Government’s latest announcements on lifting lockdown restrictions, they have confirmed that home moves will be permitted from Monday 29th June, as long as they can be carried out safely. This is great news not only for home movers, but also sellers and landlords, after months of heavy restrictions which caused […]

New versus old? When it comes to choosing a winner from the wide range of properties to buy or rent on s1homes, it’s always going to be difficult. But there are strong hints that could point you in the right direction. Firstly, what kind of person are you? If you love classic cars and watching […]

Is it time to make the leap and move from renting to buying a place of your own? Congratulations! s1homes not only has the best properties for you to choose from, but we’re also here to help you every step of the way.   The basics In many ways, buying and renting are very similar: […]

Batman v Superman. Godzilla v King Kong. Solicitor v Conveyancer. There have been some monumental ding-dongs throughout history. . .  But, if you’re looking to buy or sell property, which prizefighter do you choose for your corner? Well at s1homes we’d leave aside the superheroes and prehistoric pugilists and focus instead on the property professionals. […]

It’s so easy to fall in love with a hot property on s1homes. Unfortunately, it can be a little more difficult navigating your way around the cold concepts of Fixed Price, Offers Over and Offers Around. But learning the implications of this terminology is important. After all, you don’t want any financial hiccups affecting the […]

Estate and letting agents have always been pioneers, pushing the boundaries when it comes to offering the best and easiest ways to buy, sell and rent, and they are happily embracing the latest technology. This allows them to adapt quickly to changes in the market and keep pace with the rapidly changing needs and aspirations […]

November 30th marked the last day for homebuyers to take advantage of the Help to Buy ISA scheme. So, what exactly does this mean if you’ve already signed up but not yet bought? Or perhaps you’re looking for a similar initiative to help you on to the property ladder? Let’s find out!   What’s it […]

Summer may be the best time to see a property in its best light but in winter you get to see how a home really works – especially in the harshest weather. That’s why buying a house in the winter months actually makes a lot of sense. Rain, wind, snow and ice will all test […]

Building a productive relationship with your property professional is easy, thanks to these six smart questions to ask courtesy of s1homes. So, whether you’re buying, renting or selling, let’s get ready for Question Time . . . and find out how to make the answers work for you. How long has this property been available? […]

If ever there was a firm that does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s The Estate Agency Company. This team are acknowledged experts in the property business and make the entire process of selling or buying quick and hassle-free. With its HQ in Glasgow, The Estate Agency Co covers not only the country’s […]

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