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Are you a homeowner looking to put your property on the market in order to buy a brand new place . . . but feeling a little overwhelmed about how it all works and how much it costs? Fear not! This is your s1homes step-by-step guide on how to sell and buy at the same […]

Buying a house or flat? Which way would you prefer to go: marvellously modern or tantalisingly traditional? There’s a lot to consider when buying new versus old . . . and the choice isn’t easy. So, before committing yourself to certain types of properties, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons.   […]

If you’re looking to make a financial investment this year, you may already be thinking about securing a buy-to-let property. Despite inevitable fluctuations in the market, bricks and mortar remain an attractive proposition to many. Essentially, whether the property is to be a medium or long-term investment, the idea is to cover the mortgage and […]

Out with the old, in with the new is a traditional New Year’s phrase on many minds as we’ve moved into 2019, especially when it comes to choosing a property. While traditional homes have their style and charm, modern builds offer the excitement of a brand new living space and fresh environment. So, let’s take […]

Credit where credit’s due is a nice saying when it works. Unfortunately, for some of us, buying a home is made more difficult because of a poor credit history. In some ways this isn’t surprising. A home is undoubtedly the biggest financial investment we will make and so making sure we don’t lose money or […]

Whether we’re enjoying a winter wonderland or battling woeful weather, at this time of year, we need to ensure our homes are fully protected. Whether you rent or own, this means taking care of areas such as insulation and heating. Ice can also mean burst pipes and slippery steps. So let’s find out more about […]

Less than a decade ago, the notion of speaking to your house was the stuff of science fiction . . . or of nightmares from too much late night cheese. But recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and smart connectivity now means walls really do have ears. And they’re waiting for your instructions. So, whether you’re […]

Moving to a new home in 2019 could be the best Christmas present you receive this year, or maybe finding that dream home is your New Year’s Resolution for 2019. Either way, to help you find your new home, we’re sharing a selection of houses across Scotland, which could be just what you’re looking for. […]

Investing your hard-earned cash in property can be daunting. Should you rent or buy? Where’s the best location? Are the locals model citizens or nightmare neighbours? One of the biggest considerations is whether to opt for a flat or a house. Still not sure which is best for you? Don’t worry, s1homes is here to […]

The dream of enjoying fresh air, beautiful natural scenery and having the great outdoors right on your doorstep can be very tempting. But moving to a property in one of Scotland’s many remote locations is a big step – so it makes sense to consider all the advantages and disadvantages before making that dream move […]

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