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We all know that setting new year’s resolutions can mean setting yourself up for failure. The thought of a fresh start and clean slate gives us the motivation to aspire to new levels and set goals that can seem doable at the time but lead to disappointment. But, with a little planning, you can be […]

We’ve all had ‘the fear’ at least once in our lives, whether it’s the morning after a heavy night out or logging into our work emails after a long holiday. But the fear can also hit us at big, important times and buying a home for the first time is one occasion that warrants a […]

The process of buying a house is a complex one, and one that is unique to each buyer. It involves many moving parts and various stages which can be shorter, or longer, for different people. And how much time the whole process takes from start to finish, is a big question, one which s1homes will […]

With Scottish properties in high demand, those looking to make their move must work fast if they want to bag their dream property. This is good news for first time buyers and those not in a buying chain, but what if you have a property to sell first? Buying and selling is all about timing, […]

For the majority of home buyers, not just first-time buyers, the deposit can take up a huge chunk of your savings. With the Bank of Scotland recording an average deposit for a first-time buyer in Scotland in 2020 at £31,257, this doesn’t leave too much room for home improvements. With the new 5% mortgage scheme […]

With the government’s recent budget announcement of the new 5% mortgage scheme starting this April, now could be the best time for first time buyers to get onto the property ladder. Getting your finances sorted and securing your deposit is just one of the steps you need to consider when searching for, and buying, your […]

For most of us, buying a home is the biggest purchase we’ll make in our lifetime, so it goes without saying that preparation is key, especially when it comes to securing funds to make that life-changing purchase. In the absence of a huge lottery win or another windfall, financing your new home will no doubt […]

Moving out of the parental home is a huge step . . . and not just for parents. If you’re a fledgling about to leave the nest and looking forward to living on your own, it’s time to take care of the financial, domestic and emotional responsibilities of fending for yourself. In other words, to […]

New versus old? When it comes to choosing a winner from the wide range of properties to buy or rent on s1homes, it’s always going to be difficult. But there are strong hints that could point you in the right direction. Firstly, what kind of person are you? If you love classic cars and watching […]

Is it time to make the leap and move from renting to buying a place of your own? Congratulations! s1homes not only has the best properties for you to choose from, but we’re also here to help you every step of the way.   The basics In many ways, buying and renting are very similar: […]

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