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Winner of last year’s Interior Design Masters, Banjo Beale knows how tricky it can be to find exactly what you want for your home at a reasonable price. Living on the Isle of Mull means Beale – who won the popular design series last year – often has to get creative, making the most of […]

As we hurtle towards the end of the year, many of us will be thinking about how to tie up loose ends – and for some, that means selling their home by Christmas. According to property website the HomeOwners Alliance’s “find an estate agent” service, last year it took homes an average of 52 days […]

TV presenter Kevin McCloud shares his advice on low-carbon builds and the way home tech is set to advance in the near future. Ahead of his Grand Designs Live event, which starts April 30 in London, the design guru shares the innovations that will be showcased at the event and why they are important for […]

The pandemic has had a big impact on the property market, with huge demand meaning house prices are at the highest level in records, but it’s also caused homebuyers to rethink where they live. With the majority of the UK’s workforce setting up shop at home in the midst of the pandemic, and many businesses […]

According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2020 over 8 million people in the UK worked from home, that’s around 25% of workers and an increase from 12.4% in 2019. That’s a huge number of homes in the UK that are now doubling up as home offices. This is on top of those that […]

According to a recent survey by RAC Home Insurance, nearly 6 million UK garages aren’t used to store cars. That’s more than half of garages not being used for their original purpose and instead, being used for other things, such as extra storage. Amongst the items that we love to store in our garages, DIY […]

Like most of us, you’ve probably found yourself doing little bits here and there to become more eco-friendly, like recycling waste and reducing the amount of driving you are doing. But is there more you could be doing to help reduce your carbon footprint? At home especially, there are many small changes we can make […]

It was a day we were all patiently waiting for, and it has finally come, all areas in Scotland have moved to Level 0 which means a lot more freedom and the chance for long-overdue catchups with friends and family. For so many of those that moved home during the pandemic and more recently, it […]

With demand for Scottish properties remaining high and property prices reaching record levels, as a homeowner you may be considering ways to ensure your home is as valuable as possible. Whether that’s in preparation for selling now, or in the future. Luckily, no matter what size your home, there are many simple ways of adding […]

Thinking about retiring? During the recent global pandemic, many people across the country either lost their jobs or were put on long-term furlough, with many opting to choose this as their opportunity to retire early and not return to work. If you’re one of those people, you may be looking at your current home and […]

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