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If a proper spring clean is on your to-do list, chances are you’re having a root around to see which household cleaning products need topping up. And more than a passing thought, you might be asking yourself if some of these items can be swapped out for something kinder to the planet – but with […]

Pantries have been used for food storage since medieval times, and they still have a place in many modern homes. Dilly Carter, a professional organiser and TV presenter (, says a well-planned pantry makes it easier to see what to restock, and can help reduce food waste. Here are her tips for the perfect pantry… […]

If you’re laying the foundations for some first-class flooring, your options have never looked so good. With so many styles to catch the eye, and new innovations in materials, design, special effects and finishes, there’s something to suit every taste – and budget. Here’s what’s trending, according to the experts… 1. Colour, pattern and texture […]

Moving is said to be one of the most stressful experiences you can go through – but it doesn’t have to be, insists professional organiser Vicky Silverthorn. She promises that if you’re super-organised, the stress of moving is massively reduced, explaining: “Feeling on top of your move is the key to reducing stress levels. It […]

The new year often leads us to set ambitious targets that we may (or may not) achieve. If you want to make sustainable resolutions around the home, but don’t know where to start, James Holmear, director at home builder Redrow has the following recommendations. Reduce your energy consumption “You can save around £40 a year […]

If you want to be the host or hostess with the mostest this Christmas, you have to prepare for every eventuality. Especially with so much going on, and lots of running around to keep everyone happy, there is always the possibility of a spillage that threatens to ruin your furniture. But fear not, here’s how […]

Christmas is on the way and for many of us, this means choosing a tree – the mainstay of the festive season at home. But this year more than ever, keeping costs down is a top priority. The most popular real Christmas tree, the Nordmann fir, a non-drop variety, can cost upwards of £50 depending […]

Moving costs can sometimes be a bit of an afterthought when buying or renting a new property – but without sufficient prep, the expenses can quickly add up. With living costs on the rise, now more than ever, movers will want the process be as cost-effective as possible – so it’s important to budget and […]

Halloween is nearly here, which calls for a variety of spine-tingling decorations. It’s all about weaving a web of intrigue – play-up those ghostly shadows, dine by candlelight among cobwebs, and spook your friends with creepy props. Want to mark the occasion without going full-on fright night? Halloween décor doesn’t have to be ghastly and […]

Gardens gift us in so many ways, but one thing’s for sure – they require a lot of tender loving care. And while we water and nurture beautiful blooms all summer long and embrace outdoor living when it’s sunny, autumn is not the time to take your foot off the gardening pedal. In fact, there […]

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