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Gardens gift us in so many ways, but one thing’s for sure – they require a lot of tender loving care. And while we water and nurture beautiful blooms all summer long and embrace outdoor living when it’s sunny, autumn is not the time to take your foot off the gardening pedal. In fact, there […]

  When you want to escape the world and indulge in some at-home relaxation, a dream bathroom can work wonders. “The bathroom is increasingly seen as a place of sanctuary and self-care, a personal retreat to unwind, take time for you, and find peace away from the busyness of everyday life,” says Claire Logan, of […]

  As the cost of living crisis escalates, many people are desperate to bring in extra cash – but you might need to look no further than your own home. Renting out storage space in your home or garage could be a means of making ‘passive money’, with very little effort or intrusion into privacy […]

If you’ve managed to keep your flowers blooming in the heat, you may want to cut some now to brighten up the inside of your home. From fragrant sweet peas to blousy dahlias and zingy yellow rudbeckias, there are plenty of blooms which are ideal for cutting in late summer. Mix them up with fragrant […]

Japandi décor style is one of the most popular interior trends right now – racking up no less than 56.5 million mentions across Instagram and TikTok, according to industrial-inspired home accessories and lighting brand, Industville. Not yet familiar? As the term suggests, Japandi is a mix of Japanese and Scandi style – a combination with […]

Summer can be a hectic and packed season for many of us, so when it comes to our homes, it’s helpful to have a place that evokes a peaceful and streamlined environment to unwind in after a long day. Inspired largely by Japanese culture, minimalism has become one of the most popular lifestyle trends. The […]

The colours on our walls at home affect how we feel much more than we realise, according to Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux. Whether you need a mood lift, a creative space to think or calming place to chill out, throwing some colour on the walls can make all the difference, she says. “We […]

Wallpaper is a wonderful thing. And thanks to a whole host of new trends – from the Bridgerton bug to retro revivals – we’re rolling out wallpaper like never before. It’s certainly come a long way – prints now have a modern edge, and ‘paste the wall’ styles mean there’s no need for a tiresome […]

With great weather forecast for the days ahead, you’ll probably be planning to spend some time soaking up the sun in your garden. But with many household budgets already maxed out, your garden may have dropped way down the list of spending priorities. Thankfully, there are some ways you can spruce up your garden without […]

Mirrors are magnificent. Whether it’s checking the way you look, making a room seem bigger or brightening a whole space, they really are essential in the home. “More than ever, shoppers are adorning their walls with statement mirrors that bring light and space into their homes,” says Dayna Isom Johnson, trend expert for Etsy ( […]

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