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Got yourself a balcony garden, but not sure where to start? There’s lots to consider as a beginner balcony gardener, agrees Ellen Mary, gardening influencer and co-host of The Plant Based Podcast. She shares the following balcony gardening tips for beginners… What are the best balcony plants for beginners? “The best plants for a beginner […]

Kitchens are a place of gatherings and are back to being the real heart of the home. Looeeze Grossman, founder and CEO of The Used Kitchen Company, shares expert tips on ways to work wonders in the busiest room in the house, amid rising prices of everything…   Buy a used kitchen Did you know […]

With these longer days, it’s easy to notice your home may be needing a good deep clean this summer. The sun can make surfaces appear dusty and all those chores you’ve been putting off can become all too present. Much as we welcome warmer months, long sunny spells and summer holidays, jobs around the house […]

As a couple, it can really test your relationship when you agree to refurbish your home. The daunting aspect of refurbishing a home takes a lot of patience and perseverance and can be an emotionally stressful experience for a couple. Chances are, you’ll be at loggerheads somewhere down the line. Here, experts share their top […]

Lisa Salmon explores the idea of home staging and how the trend is said to increase a property’s value by 10% and sell three times faster. The concept involves more than ensuring your home is tidy and sticking a ‘for sale’ sign up, to really grab the imagination and attention of buyers, it helps to […]

If you’re looking to move home and sell your current property, then you might benefit from doing this sooner rather than later. A recent study has found March to be a time when many buyers are in the market and begin to look for a new property. New research from Rightmove ( has found March […]

With property searches and enquiries at s1homes so far this year increasing every week, Scots are getting a head start on 2022 and preparing to make their next property move. But with thousands of Scottish properties to search from, buyers can easily get distracted by the choice out there and find it difficult to narrow […]

Could you learn to love your home again with a little update, or is it time to move on? When it comes to ‘love it, or list it’ there are many things to consider, especially when it comes to the costs involved in both updating and selling your home. Let’s get improving! Your extending options […]

We all know that setting new year’s resolutions can mean setting yourself up for failure. The thought of a fresh start and clean slate gives us the motivation to aspire to new levels and set goals that can seem doable at the time but lead to disappointment. But, with a little planning, you can be […]

They say viewing a property in summer is the best time to see it in its best light but viewing a property in winter means you get to see how it really works and how it handles the harshest weather – especially in Scotland. Rain, wind, snow, and ice will all test the ability of […]

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