Discovering Guy’s – a modern European Cuisine in the Merchant City


After 25 years as a location caterer in the film and television industry, Guy Cowan has a starring role in Glasgow’s Merchant City with his very own Guy’s Restaurant. We met with him to find out more about his restaurant and the area.

Can you tell us why Guy’s is so special?

We serve the food I love to eat: simple. If I don’t like it, we don’t cook it. The menu is varied: haggis, sushi, ravioli, lemon sole, spaghetti, tuna tartare, mince & tatties, prawn cocktail, veal T-bones and much more.

I’ve always loved uncomplicated dishes that rely on first-class ingredients and in Scotland we’re blessed with one of the finest larders in the world.

I’m not on the stove so much these days – I’m more out talking to our lovely customers, as well as making sure the food is as it should be.

Which dishes are the most popular?

Ha, the Glasgow Tapas! These are mini versions of steak pie, mince & tatties, haggis with neeps and a ‘Glasgow Salad’ (chips!). For those who feel they’re able, we can put on a macaroni cheese and a mini fish supper too.

What inspired you to base yourself here?

I’d heard of an empty unit, met the landlord, and hey presto! This was in the summer of 2006. The Merchant City was on the rise, with flats, clubs, pubs, restaurants, shops and the annual Festival.

Merchant City has a charm all of its own and is one of the more historically preserved parts of town.

There is also talk of a new hotel, retail and apartment development across the road from us. Exciting news for the area! Yeeha!

Is it a special place for you personally?

I took an empty shell and with inspired assistance created Guy’s, which has become an integral part of the Glasgow dining scene with a loyal following.

My heart swells with pride when we’re full to bursting and everyone has a smile on their face. This came from nothing. Now our food and service have established us as one of the leading lights in the city.

And what makes Merchant City so attractive to live in?

The Merchant City is truly vibrant. It hosts an abundance of great restaurants, bars and clubs. It’s very close to fabulous shopping yet still manages to retain a community feeling. The local residents, too, are rather unique and splendid.

Finally, what’s up next for Guy’s?

We’re looking to the future, perhaps slightly streamlining our a la carte menu, as well as creating a brand new lunch menu. We’re striving to have a bigger presence on the outside catering scene and have just launched our food related blog,

As Guy says, the Merchant City is one of the coolest areas to live in Glasgow, so why not check out the latest properties available at s1homes? And don’t forget to stop at Guy’s Restaurant for some delicious food.









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