Discovering Pane e Vino – an Italian Delicatessen in Giffnock


Today we interview Piero Sarti, the owner of Pane e Vino, the Italian Delicatessen located in Giffnock.

 What inspired you to create Pane e Vino?

I have to say I have always had a passion for the food that surrounded me from a young age. It was this inbred passion for Italian food and wine that spurred me on to open Pane e Vino. Working in my grandfather’s business, the Fazzi Brothers Ltd (which was based at Clyde Street, a Glasgow Italian institution in itself), is where I really came into learning everything about Italian produce. Owning and running Pane e Vino now allows me to teach people about Italian produce.

When did you open Pane e Vino?

I opened Pane e Vino in June 2012, so we have just recently turned 5 years old! Where has the time gone?!

Why did you choose Giffnock to set up your business?

I used to live in Eastwood, which is close to Giffnock, so I knew it well. I had a feeling that Giffnock would have the right type of customer base, and it would be the ideal place that would welcome my business and passion for top quality products. It just has a great village and community feel.

What are your favourite things about Giffnock?

My favourite things about Giffnock have to be the people, my regulars are one of a kind, the business community and the way the sun always shines so brightly! Well…most of the time. We often run wine tasting events for customers at Pane e Vino, everybody loves joining us – the turnout is always great.

What kind of customers do you have?

At Pane e Vino we have a very wide and varied customer base. A lot of locals, some good Italian friends of mine, local business people who pop in for their lunch at least once a week! We often have customers travelling far and wide for a specific product we sell that you can’t find anywhere else. Our delicatessen and wine selection has one of the most extensive Italian wine ranges in the country. In fact, one of my good customers is a University Professor, and he brings visiting professors from across the globe to Pane e Vino for a fine vino rosso and our antipasto!

What are your most requested items on the menu? And in the deli?

Some of our most requested items can often change with the seasons. During the summer we have Aperol Spritz’s flying out the bar and our prosecco has ladies queuing up all year round! Our porchetta and fried onion sandwich is legendary. I have also heard our bacon rolls in the morning are the best in town. Our cake fridge is always full to the brim, with cakes such as ricotta and pear, or a special homemade tiramisu – to name a few. When I talk about the deli, our salame selection is very extensive and of huge quality. So much so that I have some of the best restauranteurs in Glasgow placing orders with me, like my good friend Guy Cowan from Guy’s Restaurant. 

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