Everything a tenant needs to know about insurance

Renters insurance umbrella

A lot of the time the best thing about being a tenant is your landlord is the one who has to do all the work, from repairing the leaky tap to replacing the shoogly dining table.

When it comes to insurance, however, you’re going to have to make some decisions for yourself.

Thankfully s1homes has the answers to all your questions.

What is it?

Tenants’ insurance is essentially the same as home contents insurance, meaning it protects the things you own inside your property.

A quick check of providers online will soon show you there are many different levels of cover for loss, damage or theft – the right one for you is the one that fits your budget while properly safeguarding your possessions.

What does it cover?

Even if you have more gizmos than Inspector Gadget or a vinyl collection that would shame Calvin Harris, everything from your comfiest wooly jumper to your favourite coffee mug should be protected under the insurance agreement. Remember you may have to show receipts to prove ownership, so keep these in a super-safe secret place.

What if I have extra-special contents?

Whether it’s that vinyl collection, an expensive watch or a family heirloom with sentimental value, make sure you list extra-special items separately to your insurer.

What about the furnishings?

If you rent a furnished property your landlord will insure the furnishings as their legal owner. But remember their policy won’t extend to anything you’ve added, such as a desk or funky beanbags so include these in your own cover, just as you would if the property had come unfurnished.

What if I share the property?

Some insurers do not cover shared accommodation, while others may add an extra premium – so it pays to shop around. If your own room has security, such as a lock, be sure to point this out as it can help bring down the cost.

What optional extras are there?

Oops! There goes another phone into the bubble bath. Thankfully, if you’re accident-prone, you can cover fragile items such as laptops, phones and tablets by opting for accidental damage as an extra.

What if I damage the landlord’s fixtures and fittings?

If your super-sized rugby pals break the sofa celebrating a try, depending on your tenancy agreement, your landlord may expect it to be repaired or replaced. Thankfully, many tenants’ liability insurance plans have an optional extra that pays a percentage of such bills.

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