Everything you need to know about commuting before moving


Commuting is a large part of many daily lives, whether it’s cycling, driving or hopping on a bus or train to get to work.

In fact, more than three million Brits are estimated to spend at least two hours every day travelling to and from their workplaces.

Some of the locations considered best for commuting to the big three cities in Scotland are Greenock and Motherwell for Glasgow, Livingston, Falkirk and North Berwick for Edinburgh and Arbroath for Aberdeen.

However, a variety of factors hold the key to whether choosing to buy or rent a property in a commuting town is right for you.


High Value

In commuter towns, property prices can be considerably lower than the cities we commute to.

Rental rates will also be lower and, whether buying or renting, you’re more likely to get more space and luxury for your money.

Potentially lower council tax costs are also an added benefit.


Long Days

A potential downside to commuter life is a longer working day, due to the fact you have to leave home earlier and inevitably arrive home later from work.

Fighting your way through rush hour traffic might also be an issue, if you work a conventional 9-5 shift.

And, of course, no-one likes to travel on standing-room only trains or buses.

On the upside, if you’re not averse to taking public transport, you could get a head start on your day by working on the train . . . and read your favourite new book on your way home.



Unlike many UK commutes, Scotland has excellent transport links from commuter towns and villages into its big cities.

Greenock, for example, is famous for having many train stations and this means it can offer excellent transport links to Glasgow.

If you’re looking to buy or rent on s1homes, do your homework on your commuter location so you can find the quickest – and least expensive – transport options that allow you easy access to your city workplace.


One Step Ahead

Thanks to technological developments, the coming of the digital age and the growing trend among employers to encourage working from home, choosing a commuter property puts you in the perfect position to enjoy a higher-value-for-money property before the exodus from the city starts.


Begin your commuting journey by looking at the latest properties to buy or rent on s1homes.



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