Furnished or unfurnished?

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When it comes to renting your own place, there are big decisions to make. House or flat? City or countryside? And, crucially, furnished or unfurnished?

This is one of the most important decisions for renters.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin by looking at the pros and cons.


Furnished: the pros


A readymade home

Everything is already in place and fully functional, so you can forget the time and expense of purchasing beds, sofas and appliances. Of course, you can still add your personal touches with art, accessories and soft furnishings.


No heavy lifting

Renting a furnished place is a breeze when it comes to move-in day. There’s very little heavy lifting involved. Just box up your books, dust off your houseplants and pack your clothes . . . you’re good to go!


Fully guaranteed

If you discover the washing machine is wonky or the shower shoddy, it’s up to the owner or landlord to fix this. It means furnished places are ideal for students or short-term renters not planning to spend on the property.


. . . and the cons


Style issues

The location is perfect, the rate is right but the interior looks like it’s been decorated by a troop of howler monkeys with a passion for paisley pattern. Factor in poorly utilised space and damaged appliances and these can make or break your decision.


No room for mine

There’s a chance you’ve amassed a few items of your own over the years. Does your new pad have the space to accommodate them? If not, you may have to consider getting rid of some or putting them in storage.


It all adds up

And finally, the all-important costs. Renting a furnished pad can often be higher than renting an unfurnished pad. Is it really worth it in the long run?


Unfurnished: the pros


A blank canvas

Just look at all that space waiting to be filled with furniture, artwork and ornaments! In an unfurnished pad you can let your personality and imagination run free, buying

items based on your own personal style, budget and priorities . . . and, of course, with the added guarantee that no one has ever used them before!


It’s for keeps

If you ever decide to move, all this lovely furniture is yours to take with you. You’re also responsible for any wear and tear to your own items, which is great if you want to protect your deposit! And when it comes to money, unfurnished rentals tend to be cheaper.


. . . and the cons


All that space

How to fill it? Purchasing furniture, white goods and appliances can be a mission. It’s costly, time-consuming and laborious. Then there are the hidden extras, like delivery costs and installation fees. Before you know it, you’ve spent a small fortune and taken a week off work to coordinate the whole operation!


The devil’s in the detail

You’ll have to source all those small but essential items you probably take for granted. Corkscrews, egg cups and baking trays, we’re talking to you! Remember, too, that when you move to your next property, your furniture might not fit or suit the new space – and selling probably won’t recover your initial investment.


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