Get a move on! Take our quiz for a chance to win £100 to spend in IKEA


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Christmas is the time of the year when we all like to share the gift of giving, but how about a wee gift for your home?  We are giving you the chance to win £100 worth of IKEA vouchers to help you bring the magic of Christmas to your home, especially if you’re moving to a new one.

Take our Get a Move On property personality quiz and see exactly what types of properties and areas match your personality? Plus, you’ll be in with the chance of winning one of three £100 IKEA vouchers – what are you waiting for?

It’s easy to enter!

1)  Take the short, fun quiz here to find your property personality and the areas and properties that best suit you.

2) Leave a comment on this blog post (below), with what personality you’re matched with (leafy bohemian maybe?) and what you’d spend the vouchers on (we bet candles will be the winner!).

You’ll need to give us your name, email address and your comment. Once it’s approved by us, your comment will appear, and you’ll be in with the chance of winning.

Don’t forget to share this competition with your friends, family and neighbours – you might be surprised to learn you have much more in common than you thought! And Christmas is the sharing period after all!

Good luck from the s1homes team and all the best for this festive season!


Terms & Conditions

  1. Competition is open until 11:59pm 11th December 2018.
  2. Three winners will be selected at random.
  3. To be eligible you must take the quiz, share your results and provide your name and valid email address.
  4. Winners will be notified by email and announced on s1homes social media accounts.  If prize is not claimed within 48 hours then a new winner will be selected.
  5. Each winner will win an IKEA voucher to the value of £100.
  6. Vouchers will be sent via post to the winners and can be redeemed online or in store.
  7. Open to residents of the United Kingdom only.
  8. By leaving your comment you agree to these terms and conditions.


127 Responses to “Get a move on! Take our quiz for a chance to win £100 to spend in IKEA”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Just bought a wreck of a house and need everything! Would love to use vouchers towards new decorations for kids bedrooms.

  2. James logie says:

    Leafy bohemian in Glasgow, love a trend to be on point but it’s all about being practical, but classy!

  3. Andrea Sharpe says:

    I’m a leafy bohemian and will spend the £100 on gorgeous curtains to frame my beautiful bay window

  4. Kim says:

    Suited and booted in Glasgow. Seems my subconscious won’t quite let me let go of city living, but with my first baby on the way, I’m looking for a new place in the burbs that still has some buzz about it and those vouchers would be handy for a changing table and storage!

  5. Luca Balázs says:

    Leafy bohemian in Edinburgh. Just started university so desperately need a desk!

  6. Caroline Christie says:

    Surbanite in Glasgow…… I’d buy the living room furniture that I want

  7. Molly Anthoney says:

    Subarbanite in Edinburgh!

  8. Natalie Murray says:

    I’d buy furniture.

  9. JenB says:


    Love to have a kitchen island!

  10. Hilary Paterson says:

    Suburbanite. I can dream, right? I’d probably spend the vouchers on the wardrobe we’ve been talking about getting since we moved in… over a year and a half ago..

  11. Kym says:

    I’m apparently a “Suburbanite”. My PERFECT property would be close to the Ocean. Waking up to stunning views of distant Islands or a Castle. I like to live in the Countryside, close to Nature, Plenty of Peace & Quiet. But NOT to be Isolated & Miles from ANYONE. Still want to have Shops & people Nearby me.

  12. Kelly says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Edinburgh. And I would love to spend my voucher on some plants for my boho house and a good rug for my downward-facing dog ☺️

  13. Pawel says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Edinburgh!
    Well, not big and not too small. Lots of various local shops and friendly people. That’s what I need….

    I’d spend my voucher on stuffs to our baby’s room. My wife is 5th moth pregnant. So, excitement is quite high already!

  14. Michelle grundy says:

    Surburbanite in Aberdeen. Xx

  15. Tracy Robertson says:

    Suburbanite in Glasgow!

    I would spent my vouchers on my little boys bedroom furniture.

  16. Shanice abass says:

    Suburbanite Glasgow. Somes me up nicely

  17. Evelyn Johnston says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Glasgow

  18. Douglas says:

    A leafy neighbourhood in Glasgow west, sounds perfect although shame about the rental prices.

    Think I would spend the money on finishing touches to my already stylish living room.

    Some nice artwork or big plants!

  19. Diane Smith says:

    Nice quiet area in strathaven, not too close to the shops or main roads but close enough walking distance to everything around, shops pubs the park

  20. Jane Watson says:

    Leafy Bohemia in Edinburgh! Would love to get some new sittingroom furniture and more book shelves for my ever increasing piles of books!

  21. Robyn says:

    Suited and booted in Glasgow. I would love to get some beautiful curtains for my large Windows.

  22. Debby Ross says:

    Leafy bohemian Dundee, I’d buy a floor lamp, a cookie jar, some indoor plants…

  23. Gabrielle Sullivan says:

    cool Bearsden … here i come

  24. Brian Buchanan says:

    One day it’ll be Morningside.

  25. Isabelle Cameron says:

    Suburbanite, no surprise there! I would spend on lighting, kitchen and cocktail glasses !

  26. Robert Horsburgh says:

    Suburbanite in Edinburgh! True but need to be near to a shop.

  27. Kerry Eldom says:

    I’m definitely a Suburbanite in Edinburgh. Near to the city for work but don’t want to live in it.

  28. Sharon Anderson says:

    Leafy bohemian! I would put it towards the bathroom storage I’ve been wanting to get

  29. Aliscia says:

    Suburbanite in Aberdeen! x I’m desperate for some new blinds and ways of making my flat look presentable on the outside too x

  30. Lynn says:

    Suburbanite In Glasgow

  31. Denise Witmore says:

    Trendsetter in Edinburgh. Not sure about the Trendsetter part but definitely Edinburgh. I love close to it now and I love it. Moving to a new flat in January so the £100 would be ideal..

  32. Linda says:

    Suburbanite. I would use the vouchers to buy some new bedside tables.

  33. Maria Luque says:

    Trendsetter in Edinburgh!! Yea I am ahahahah

  34. Meesh Nicolson says:

    Suburbanite!! I’d spend the vouchers on some new shelves, the books and CDs are taking over!

  35. Lesley-Ann says:

    Suburbanite which is pretty spot on. I’d put it towards a new bed with storage underneath!

  36. Lucy says:

    Glasgow Trendsetter! Thought I’d be leafy bohemian, all I want is more plants!

  37. Iona Ross says:

    Suited and booted in Edinburgh, im so glad because i love this city and its ikea near by. Plus 99% of our furniture is ikea and we may be slightly obsessed with ikea candles too haha

  38. Niamh Blakey says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Glasgow, I’d buy a desk so I have somewhere to get my work done when I move into my new flat :)

  39. Hollie says:


    I’d spend the money on a fabulous bright yellow armchair to use to read books in the rare glimpse of sun we get! Also, my husband utterly hates the chair in question so it would mean he couldn’t say no! :D

  40. Evonne Stewart Brown says:

    Suburbanite! We’ve actually just moved to the recommended area! We really need storage solutions so that’s what we’d spend the voucher on.

  41. Sam says:


  42. Suzi says:

    Suburbanite. Lots of practical storage items and something extra cosy :-)

  43. ALANNAH says:

    broughty ferry or ninewells :)

  44. Helen Winters says:

    Leafy bohemian in Glasgow – yes please!

  45. Marya says:

    Suited & Booted in Edinburgh!

  46. Marya says:

    Suited & Booted in Edinburgh!
    Work is just as important to you as play and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  47. Becky says:

    I like to think I’d spend it on storage (useful) but if I’m honest it’d probably be candles and photo frames!

  48. Paul McManus says:

    Suited and Booted in Glasgow

  49. Karen Muir says:

    Suburbanite in Glasgow
    Would probably buy new bedroom furniture or pay towards a new dining table in our new house!

  50. Kaitlin M says:

    I got suburbanite in Glasgow! It suggested East Kilbride, bearsden and Hamilton

  51. Kim says:

    Leafy Bohemian… So of course I’ll be spending my winnings on more plants!

  52. Elisa Sajed says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Glasgow…

    Well I do live in Hyndland

  53. G White says:

    Suited and booted in Glasgow

  54. Vanessa B says:

    Trendsetter in Edinburgh! Would spend on decor and storage !

  55. Lauren Gilmour says:

    Leafy bohemian! Which is until a few months ago until i moved to the suburbs!

  56. Carla says:

    I got leafy bohemian! I’d buy some decor to make our house feel more homely. I love the idea of being bright and minimalist but still cosy… think I’ll get a Hygge book for Christmas! :)

  57. Lauren Gilmour says:

    Leafy bohemian! Which I was until a few months ago when I moved to the suburbs.
    We’ve just bought our forever home and had a baby so would spend the money on bits to finish off the nursery.

  58. Rachel says:

    Leafy Bohemian couple in Edinburgh here! Just bought our first home this year and still saving up to buy furniture piece by piece. Would use these vouchers towards a storage solution so we can unpack the final boxes!

  59. Tina says:

    Suburbanite in Edinburgh!…Yeah I wish

  60. Saoirse says:

    Suburbanite in Glasgow.

    This would be an amazing Christmas pressie for my husband and I

  61. Sara owen says:

    I got leafy bohemian and i would use vouchers to go towards furniture for my daughters room as where currently decorating her room

  62. Fiona MacCuish says:

    I got suburbanite, which I think is pretty fair! I would put the vouchers towards some show storage for the new house we’re moving to in a few weeks time!

  63. Jill S says:

    Suburbanite! I like the peace and quiet easy access to local shops and cafes. Perfect. ❤️

  64. Archie Denoyelle Sauvage says:

    Trendsetter in Edinburgh

  65. Dan Appel says:

    Trendsetter in Edinburgh. It might be a fun word for broke millennial. I would spend the 100 pounds of Ikea products mostly on kitchen stuff. Since I’m a newlywed and about to move in with my wife, it would be a great help.

  66. Denise Mayne says:

    Suited & Booted in Glasgow, I need to kit out my kitchen. Maybe some some furnishings for my bedroom!

  67. Ceri Smith says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Edinburgh ☺️

  68. Iain Croall says:

    Suited and booted in Glasgow. Mainly because I just come home to sleep after work.

    I’d spend the vouchers on making my current room a bit more cozy with some bookshelves, a cheap sofa and maybe a bench.

  69. S Hamilton says:

    Leafy bohemian in Edinburgh. Some more storage and nic nacks :)

  70. Sarah Douglas says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Glasgow…I wish! Could use some new kitchen supplies from Ikea but would probably end up buying bedding and throws :D

  71. Vicky Gillespie says:

    Suited and booted in Aberdeen. Just about to move into an old flat which needs a bit of work so I would use the vouchers to buy some pieces of furniture that would modernise the space

  72. Susan Pattison says:

    Suburbanite in Dundee!
    I would buy a chair for the dressing room and maybe a plant or two

  73. Rozz Hepburn says:

    I got East Kilbride which is spooky as I’ve just put down a deposit on a place there! Amazing!

  74. Claire N says:

    Suburbanite in Edinburgh!

    I’d love to spend the vouchers on furnishings for a new house we hope to buy next year! We got married in July and are renting at the moment in a furnished flat, would love to put our stamp on the new place!

  75. Emma says:

    Trendsetter in Glasgow (I know, I’m shocked too haha). I would use it on some kitchen goodies to help my baking and some decor for my kiddies bedrooms as we’ve just moved and have yet to make their rooms their own. Thanks!

  76. Francesca says:

    Suited and booted in Glasgow! A new mattress!!

  77. John says:

    Suburbanite in Edinburgh!
    I’d use the voucher to buy some new shelves for the kitchen.

  78. Emma calder says:

    Suited n booted in glasgow

    New couch would be nice

  79. Lucy says:

    I am a leafy bohemian. Love a park me. ☺️ I’d use vouchers to ikea storage up my living room to get an adult space back, not awash with baby toys and to re-decorate the kids bedroom and make it more of a place they want to play in ☺️

  80. Rachel says:

    Suburbanite in Glasgow. We found our forever house but vouchers would be great he’ll for turning it into our home in time for Christmas

  81. Sian Downea says:

    Oh £100 from ikea would be such a help for a leafy bohemian like me.
    You see,
    I’m rather messy
    And my other half is much more clean than me
    So maybe if I bought some boxes and shelves
    I would make his life less of a living hell
    From my shoes and to my mags
    I could tidy it all up in some cute floral bags
    And maybe seeing the floor
    Would make him like me more
    And we could live in harmony together
    And enjoy a wee nighttime blether
    And courtesy of
    Where you should definitely log on
    I could win those vouchers worth £100
    And we he would think I’m really sound!

  82. Birte says:

    Leafy Bohemian! Kind of funny, considering I’m just moving away from the city centre

  83. Chloe Preston says:

    Suburbanite in Glasgow! I’d use the voucher for new furniture for my kids room, one needs a new bed and they both need drawers.

  84. Elizabeth says:

    Suburbanite in Edinburgh!
    Next stop South Queensferry.

  85. Cara says:

    Leafy Bohemian! My girlfriend is looking to relocate from Germany to be with me in early 2019, and furnishing our first place is gonna be tough. We’d likely spend it on storage to help get us settled!

  86. Karen says:

    Suburbanite. I would but a digital radio.

  87. Gillian says:

    Nice quiz, renting a place in Leith… Interesting!

  88. Suburbanite! Spot on!
    Would love to kit our new house out with Ikea goodies!

  89. Helen D says:

    Suited and Booted in Glasgow- which is completely true! Currently renting in the city centre but on the lookout for our own place. Ikea vouchers would be perfect once we buy. I’d totally stock up on candles but also love one of their big rugs.

  90. Hayleigh Young says:

    If I win I would spend the money on a new rug for my living room as the current one is looking a little worse for wear.

  91. Kate says:

    Leafy Bohemian. Stockbridge, Morningside and Marchmont, eh? No thanks! A quiz that gives options that you struggle to identify with any of them. I’d spend £100 on stuff nobody would expect I would buy! X-D
    I guess the bohemian part is right! :-P

  92. G says:

    Suited and booted. Even recommended the area that I am hoping to move to. Would love the £100 voucher to decorate my new place with some quirky furniture and plants to create a cool, calming space in the midst of the urban jungle!

  93. Gemma Lavender says:

    Suburbanite in Edinburgh obvs

  94. Sarah says:

    Surburbanite in Edinburgh

    I would buy lots of accessories… cushions, throws, plants, candles…

  95. Ellie says:

    I was matched with ‘Leafy Bohemian in Edinburgh’.
    If I won, I’d buy some new decorative lighting

  96. J Barr says:

    Leafy bohemian for me! I’d spend the money on a big wall mirror and storage for my babies’ toys.

  97. Ish says:

    Glasgow Suburbanite, apparently!

    I’d love to be able to buy a load of photo frames for a feature going up the stairs.

    That and my body weight in candles…

  98. Aline says:

    Leafy bohemian in Glasgow. Perfect match with my neighborhood, i am moving next week ajd desperately need a armchair!

  99. D Goldthorp says:

    Suburbanite in Glasgow

  100. Binky says:

    Suburbanite in Glasgow – surprising! My flat is practically all IKEA already, I think IKEA works anywhere – I hope it fits in my next place too!

  101. Eve Nicol says:

    Suited & Booted in Glasgow!
    Work is just as important to you as play and there’s nothing wrong with that. You need to be in an area with good connections to the city centre to make sure you get in on time each morning. You also prefer areas with young professionals, to avoid midweek parties as they are the enemy of your alarm clock. That doesn’t mean it’s early to bed every night though, having a nice bar/restaurant in the area can take the edge off a tough day at the office. A nice glass of wine and local amenities nearby make for a happy home life for you. I would spend the vouchers on big pillows to sit on for my veranda and lots more big candles for my house, also possibly a wee treat or two for my little kitty.

  102. Alice McCambridge says:

    Leafy bohemian in Shawlands……correct!!!
    I would look to spend the £100 on curtains and cushions to make my house feel more homely

  103. Sophia Morren says:

    Suited and Booted – perfect for the fact that we’re flat shopping just now :)

  104. Amanda says:

    Trendsetter in Edinburgh. I would spend on fun toys for my nephew :)

  105. Maria says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Edinburgh! I would buy a lot of cozy things like blankets, puffy pillows and candles.

  106. Wiktoria says:

    I am a trendsetter in Glasgow ☔️ I would get a coffee grinder, more plants, more blankets and of course candles

  107. Benjamin McEwan. says:

    Trendsetter, says I love artisinal coffee and beer

  108. Lauren Sneddon says:

    My perfect location is Glasgow. I love tennements. I like walks to the local amentities, coffee shops and supermarkets. I love seeing new movies at a nearby Cinema.

  109. Kirstin says:

    Would love to win vouchers for our new house! Need New wardrobes for the bedrooms :)

  110. Paola says:

    Leafy bohemian for me! I just rented a flat and there’s so much work to be done! New sofa, new mattress (can’t sleep with those old springs poking me on the ribs all night long!!) rugs, picture frames… so much to do!!

  111. Jodie says:

    I got leafy bohemian in Edinburgh! I’d buy rugs, lamps and plants

  112. Justine says:

    Suburbanite in Glasgow!

    About to redo the kitchen of our southside tenement flat, we’d be able to get 2 of the HEKTAR Pendant lamps for our dining booth, new tableware and still have enough left over to stock the freezer with meatballs

  113. Heather Stewart says:

    Leafy Bohemian, but I’d rather that in the countryside than in a city.. I would use the vouchers for desperately needed storage..

  114. Aylson says:

    Leafy bohemian in Glasgow. Very fitting actually, these vouchers would help my move west.

  115. Anna says:

    Leafy bohemian in Glasgow, super keen to get a warm blanket and some plants for my cosy flat.

  116. Giselle says:

    I got leafy bohemian in Glasgow! I’ve not lived there before, but I’m hoping to move there and find a nice place to rent when I start working as a junior doctor. Having a cosy flat that I could really make my own is a dream! I would probably use the Ikea voucher for some practical purchases, like a desk and shelves, but hopefully I would have enough left over to buy a few more plants (can you ever have enough?)

  117. Poppy says:

    Leafy bohemia
    Preferably somewhere in the mountains with as little human interaction as possible…?! Wasn’t sure that was an option on this quiz though. I’d need to purchase some nice frames for my non descript walls

  118. Emily says:

    Leafy bohemian! I would spend tbe money to decorate my new flat

  119. Tamarin fountain says:

    Surburbanite. Appropriate given I’ve just bought a house in the South Edinburgh burbs!

  120. Kayleigh says:

    Leafy Bohemian! I would buy new bedding, cushions, candles and that big toy elephant from the kids department I’ve had my eye on (which I’ve not been allowed to buy…yet;) )

  121. Hayley says:


    Would buy a kitchen table since I’m hosting Christmas this year and don’t actually have one…

  122. Robyn says:

    Leafy bohemian … candles obviously !! And a new print or canvas for the living room !

  123. Dioceil says:

    Suburbanite for me

  124. Alison Leggett says:

    Leafy bohemian!there is a kitchen island calling my name! Alternatively I would buy 100quids worth of those moss scented candles!

  125. Would buy some baby furniture for our new little arrival

  126. Jane says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Edinburgh.
    Would use it on a fresh bed set, some new candles, plant pots and cushions!

  127. Emma Boles says:

    Suited and Booted in Glasgow!
    I’d spend it on a new tv unit and some knick knacks!

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