Get ready to sell your property


Now that you’ve made the decision to sell your property, after requesting a property valuation via s1homes, you’re keen to get the show on the road.

Excellent! Here’s a quick rundown of our top tips to get your home spick and span for selling on s1homes.


The Kerb Kudos

No-one expects a police box to turn out to be a time-travelling, top-of-the-range Tardis and the same goes for your property (apart from the time travel bit).

You could have the most incredible home interior but, if your property doesn’t wow from the outside, you’ve lost the chance to make a great first impression.

If you’ve a garden, tackle unruly shrubs, manicure the lawn and scrub paving and paths.

Make sure the glass in windows and doors is gleaming and plastic scrubbed or wood varnished. Walls can show the years . . . so freshen them up with a coat of paint.

Make the doorstep more welcoming by adding potted plants and a new door mat.


The Space Saver

Yes, it’s Tardis time again. Give the impression of more interior space by putting the majority of your non-essential stuff into temporary storage.

This helps declutter your home which instantly and easily makes rooms feel bigger.


The Deep Clean

There can be few things more off-putting for prospective buyers than grease and grime, so ensure your home is super-squeaky, showhome clean.

A professional cleaning company will do everything from steam-cleaning pet-pawed furniture and carpets to removing mould on bathroom tiles and kids’ fingerprints from walls.

This will save you time and, if it helps get the deal signed, prove a sound investment.


The Light Show

If s1homes could bottle natural light, it would be a bestseller. Thankfully, there’s no need.

Just throw open the curtains and shades and make the most of the sunshine whenever it comes. This will help rooms look and feel more open and airy.


The Spring Spruce

It could be any time of the year, but a springtime-style spruce works wonders for a home. This could be as simple as a fresh lick of paint on the walls to a full décor makeover, choosing friendly, fresh, neutral colour schemes – all the better for buyers to imagine imprinting it with their own style stamp.


The Professional Help

To be able to answer viewers’ questions, know your local market – the current prices, the amenities, the local schools, transport options – using s1homes as your personal guide.

By choosing the right estate agent you can also get the most exposure for your property and be in a better position to drum up the competition on viewings, increasing the potential for a quicker and more lucrative sale.


The Big Decision

Remember the highest offer on your property isn’t always the best. Is there a chain of properties that must first be sold or do you have a buyer ready to act now?

Consider whether waiting is your best bet or a sale right now makes the most of the current market.


Now let’s get into full-on sales (and buying!) mode with s1homes

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