Get switched on to energy providers


Phone calls, comparison websites, online chats, advice from your Granny Ina . . .  finding a new energy provider can soon drain your own power levels!

After all, there’s much more to consider than just who offers the lowest price.

Thankfully, s1homes is here to guide you through the pros and cons, with everything you need to know when choosing a supplier – leaving you free to focus all your energy on simply enjoying your new home!


Cost isn’t everything

. . . but it’s certainly a crucial factor. There are often big differences in the cost of energy bills because of the provider, the services they offer or their tariffs and pricing plans.

It’s worth checking who the main companies are in your area and, if appropriate, whether they can offer you a dual fuel (gas and electricity) deal.

You should also consider the types of tariff available and if they suit your property and usage needs.

For example, ‘off-peak’ deals offer discounts for energy usage between 12am-7am, which may be more beneficial if you’re out all day and want to heat the home overnight.

Most providers also offer either fixed or variable pricing plans, which should also be factored into your decision.


Ease of use

Your energy provider should work for you, not the other way round – so they must be easy to interact with. This means clear and transparent bills that accurately reflect usage, timely statements, multi-channel communication options, an app for on-the-go use, and a clearly defined contract (and contract period) with no hidden nasties or extra fees.


Customer Service Standards

Just like pricing, customer service standards can vary between providers. When choosing it’s worth ensuring they have a strong reputation when it comes to customer care.

If your boiler goes on the blink, is your company easy contactable via phone, email, text or social media?

Do they provide emergency assistance, if required? And just how do they retain customers with such an array of market competition?


Consumer Watchdog Feedback

Energy providers are constantly evolving and, as such, there are countless consumer websites that frequently put the credibility and suitability of suppliers to the test. So check out recent online feedback from experts, current customers and old customers, and make use of internet comparison tools that are more critical than the judges on Strictly.


Are there any incentives?

Many energy providers offer incentives for new or loyal customers, such as sign-up bonuses or discounts for direct debit payments. Before signing up it always pays to ask what extra goodies are on offer.


What is the power source?

With the climate crisis gaining momentum daily, it’s never been more important to consider just where our power comes from. That’s why increasing numbers of consumers are opting for more socially responsible and greener energy providers who focus on maximising their use of renewable energy, while minimising their environmental impact.

It’s well worth comparing the green credentials of a variety of providers before making your final decision.


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