Get the most from empty properties

empty properties

If you’ve been looking on s1homes for a dream property to buy or rent, chances are you’ve discovered more than a few that ticked all of your boxes . . . yet, on the day of the viewing, the objects of everyday life got in the way and overwhelmed your senses.

Was it the enormous corduroy sofa that filled the living room, the Lego army that menaced the bedrooms or a trampoline that denied access to the garden?

These are just a few reasons you should never disregard the enormous potential of viewing empty properties.

Okay, the online images may not show a fabulously furnished flat or high-end house but, then again, not everyone likes tartan carpets, gold shelving and purple flock wallpaper.

On the other hand, stripped back and bare rooms mean you can imagine your own style and tastes inhabiting the spaces.

So here are some top tips on what to keep in mind when viewing empty properties to buy or rent.


Paint our own picture

Whether you’re looking to own a property or rent it, you’ll most definitely want it to feel like home. What better way to get an idea of how to make this happen than with the blank canvas of empty rooms? Imagine your furniture and personal belongings placed precisely where you want them.

Don’t forget the details

Imagine in your mind’s eye those little touches that really would make this space a home. It might simply be a family photograph hanging on the wall or your favourite bouquet of flowers sitting on a windowsill. Take time to wander around and personalise your potential new place.

Nowhere to hide

Having empty rooms means everything that might normally be invisible is out in the open for you to inspect. This ranges from simple marks where the furniture may have rubbed the walls to uncleaned nooks and crannies once so dark they could have hidden Dippy the Diplodocus. The floors too are completely uncovered. So do they pass your bare foot test?

Time is your friend

A property is empty normally for good reason: not necessarily because nobody likes it but because the seller or previous tenant has already moved on. This offers greater flexibility when it comes to move-in dates, whether that means collecting the keys today or waiting until your current place is sold or the lease ended.

Want to create your own space? Get looking for your dream property on s1homes.

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