How to avoid nightmare rentals

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We’ve all heard horror stories or may even have terrible tales to tell ourselves – yes, some rental experiences really can be a nightmare.

Lots of hidden legal jargon, lousy landlords and a host of hidden charges are just some of the skeletons that can jump out from closets.

Thankfully, there’s no need to hide.

With s1homes, you’re sure of sweet dreams rather than nightmares – as we’ve a hit list of things to check before choosing your rental property.


Dodgy Deal?

The landlord’s only charging you £400 a month when everyone else in the area is charging double? Something smells off. Could it be the landlord is hiding something about the property? Strange noises in the attic at night, neighbours who look and behave like the Addams Family . . .

Before bagging a ‘bargain’, inspect the entire building, visit the location late at night and ask neighbours about the property.


Landlord Liability

Some rogue landlords don’t take all the necessary steps to lease their property legally. Make yourself aware of all the regulations landlords have to abide by and check every single detail of your contract.

How long does the lease last and how do the payments work? Are you aware of when, how and for what reasons a landlord (or yourself) can cancel the tenancy agreement and how much notice you have to give or be given?


Testing Tax

Find out the council tax band of the property so you can factor this into the total cost and budget accordingly.

No-one wants to discover a few months down the line that they can’t afford their dream property.


Baffling Bills

Just when you think life is ab-fab, a large envelope thuds ominously through the letterbox.

It’s a bill from your landlord for the WiFi, telephone line and TV licence. Did you forget to check the contract for any extra charges?

Always make sure you know exactly what you’ll be expected to pay for.


Messy Mishaps

One thing you should be 100% sure of before you move in is who’s liable for accidental damage and wear-and-tear in the property – such as red wine spilled on the cream carpet. Doh!

Check, too, about your right to change the décor. For instance, some landlords dislike even having posters stuck on walls – you don’t want to be hit for a wallpapering bill because of four drawing pins!


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