How to choose the perfect family home

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When choosing your new home there are many factors to consider, such as location, flat or home and even new or old. But if you’re looking to find a home for your family, there are other things you need to consider in addition to the number of rooms, factoring in your current needs and also for the future.

Here we take a closer look at the top considerations when it comes to hunting for your family home.


It’s only natural when you have children that school catchment areas are a big factor in your decision making. If a property is located within the same catchment area of a particularly desirable school, you may find that demand for these properties is high, meaning increased competition and higher property prices.

On the plus side, although the property price is high, it means your home is an investment for the future.

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Play areas and green spaces

Keeping children occupied and away from computers and TV screens can be challenging, so finding a new property that is located near play areas and parks could come in handy for getting them outdoors as much as possible. When moving to a new area, they can also be great places to meet new friends, for yourself and your kids, building up a close community feel.

Having your own private garden or outdoor space will no doubt be high on your list. Not only for the kids but if you have any pets and for the rare Scottish summer BBQ. Even flats come with communal areas giving you a little private, safe space.

Entertainment and essentials

For the weekends when rain calls off play in the park, getting out and about is still important for every member of the family so finding a property that is near swimming pools, libraries and community centres can come in handy. They’re also great for giving you a break too.

If these aren’t high up on your list, at least make sure you have a local shop or supermarket nearby. Being located near a large supermarket can sometimes mean being in a busier location, but even rural areas will still have a local corner shop for those emergency pints of milk and loaves of bread.

Hospitals and health centres

Whilst moving to a cottage in the middle of nowhere is a dream for many, people with young families need to consider their proximity to hospitals and health centres.

Although not the easiest to think about, being near doctor surgeries, dentists and even chemists could bring peace of mind when you have children and the inevitable cuts, bruises and bashes happen. You don’t want to be too far away from emergency services if the unthinkable happens.

Public transport

As your children grow older and turn into young adults, ensuring they have the freedom to travel is important, as well as making sure they are safe. Are there nearby bus stops or train stations with frequent timetables? When your rebellious rocker breaks their curfew, you want to make sure there is a safe and affordable way for them to return home or somewhere you can easily collect them from. When considering a move, get to know the public transport routes, how long journeys take, what the timetable is like and the different routes available.

Size of property

It goes without saying that the size of the property is a big consideration when looking for a family home. Not only to make sure you have enough space for your current family but also is there is room for when your family grows older or if you decide to expand your brood. Is there any possibility to extend in the future, either outwards or upwards? Is there enough storage space? Not only do you need to think of living space, but storage for toys, clothes and everything else you gather along the way.

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