How to choose the perfect family home


When choosing a home to buy or rent there are many factors to consider. Flat or house? Country or city?

And when kids are brought into the mix, this means factoring in their immediate and future needs as a top priority.

Let’s take a closer look at the top considerations for all house-hunting families.


It’s only natural that house-hunters with children should look for properties in the immediate vicinity of top-performing schools.

Homes in desirable school catchment areas are often price tagged at a premium but can also be a real financial investment.

According to research, properties near the top 100 state schools in the country are worth an average 25% more than properties in the wider region. Given there’s a postcode lottery when it comes to state schools in the UK, investing in property within your desired catchment area can ensure your educational aspirations for your children will come true.

Green spaces

Keeping youngsters healthy and active is essential so finding a home with access to the great outdoors is a must.

Having even a small garden or safe communal area to explore and play in can make a huge difference to kids’ enjoyment and development.

If this isn’t possible, consider a property with access to a local park or woodlands.


Keeping your little ones engaged and occupied is a time-consuming task – and one that usually requires a helping hand in the form of amenities such as swimming pools, shopping centres, play parks and museums.

When choosing your dream home consider the wider area. Are there sufficient amenities nearby to stimulate young minds?

Hospitals and health centres

While moving to a cottage in the middle of nowhere is a dream for many, people with young families need to consider their proximity to hospitals and health centres.

Kids, by design, are prone to illness and accident, so ensuring you’re within reach of the nearest A & E or GP is vital.

Public transport

As toddlers turn into teenagers in the blink of an eye, ensuring they have a safe and easy way to travel independently is paramount. When your rebellious rocker breaks their curfew, is there a safe and affordable way for them to return home at midnight?

For peace of mind – and to avoid providing a 24-hour taxi service – you may wish to consider a property with dependable public transport services.

Having kids and moving into a new home should be two of the most enjoyable experiences in life. So if you’re looking for the ideal property to house your family, head to s1homes now.

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