How to create multifunctional rooms

Painting in multifunctional girl's bedroom

So you’re looking at the wide range of properties on s1homes with plans to buy or rent, but your budget means your new place is going to be on the smaller side?

Worry not!

This handy guide from s1homes makes it easy to transform your new des res by making your rooms multifunctional – spaces where you can eat or work, store or exercise, sleep or simply relax.


Dining room and office

Unless you plan on hosting daily dinner parties, the dining room is one of the least used rooms in any house. So, if you work from home or you’re studying at college or uni, why not make it an office space too?

That dining table is perfect for doubling as a desk and you’ll get peace and quiet away from the main living areas.

So that you can easily revert back to dining, ensure you have enough space set aside for your computer and paperwork.


Living room and playroom

The secret to creating this combo is clever storage space, so look for multifunctional storage solutions – such as coffee tables with extra-large drawers or bookshelves that can safely house wicker baskets.

When it comes time to clear up for the night, the room will be instantly transformed back into a cosy living room for the adults – without the danger of stepping on a Lego brick!


Garage and gym

If your new house has a garage, chances are it will rarely house a car. Instead, we traditionally use this multi-purpose area as a handy warehouse for stuff that won’t fit in the house and even as a workshop for DIYers and gardeners.

But it’s also ideal for setting up a place to keep fit. With the simple addition of some floor mats, weights, resistance equipment or an exercise bike, you can train for as long as you like – and without the hassle and financial outgoings that come with heading out to the gym.


Living room and bedroom

If you’re new pad is more bijou than baronial, it’s time for big ideas. Even the smallest rental flat can become multi-functional.

The fold-away bed is, of course, a favourite for instantly and easily turning the living area into a bedroom, but there are other top tips to consider.

Choose a coffee table that can double as a nightstand, invest in blackout blinds or curtains and use a wicker basket with a lid to store your bed linen during the day.

A wall-mounted TV will also free up more space – and means you can watch Love Island from the comfort of your own bed!


From large villas to small flats and to buy or to rent, there’s no shortage of big ideas for moving home on s1homes.

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