How to get your garden furniture ready for spring

After being stored away all winter, your garden furniture might need some TLC.

After being stored away all winter, your garden furniture might need some TLC.








Chances are, you can’t wait to get a head start on your garden, with longer, brighter evenings and warmer weather on the cards.

One thing that might prove tricky is outdoor furniture. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a garden shed to store stuff, cobwebs, mildew, dust, dirt and leaves might have soiled soft furnishings – and anything in the open air will have taken a beating.

Sound familiar? Here’s how to give your furniture a facelift…

  1. Set the scene

First, have a general tidy up. “Just as you would inside your home when tackling a little spring clean, clear the clutter,” says Wayfair’s resident style advisor Nadia McCowan Hill (

“A quick brush of the patio or sweep of the decking to remove fallen leaves and general dust and debris will help revitalise the area. Pressure washers come into their own this time of year, for fast action cleaning with impressive results.

2.Get rid of rusty stains

Harsh weather conditions can can take their toll on heavy pieces. “The wind, rain and humidity of colder seasons will have likely caused metal to corrode, building a layer of rust on the surface,” notes Jon Sharpe, chief creative officer at LuxDeco (

“Luckily, there are simple home remedies that can remove rust and return your furniture to its former glory. Simply use white vinegar and pour it evenly on the affected areas. Leave it to sit for a while, then wipe away once the product has worked its magic.”

3. Wash cushion covers

Even though they’ve been weather-proofed, soft outdoor furnishings will still need some TLC. As Sharpe points out, some will have simply picked up a stale smell from being packed away so long.

“Wash on a low heat and use a gentle setting to ensure they keep their size and shape, and don’t tumble dry,” he says. “Use the upcoming sunny weather to let the covers dry outdoors before putting them back on.”

4. The final flourishes

“With the recent storms, many parasols might have been damaged,” says Sambells. Rather than buying new, she suggests buying a fresh canopy to put on an existing frame – a more sustainable option, and a win-win if there’s nothing wrong with the frame.

Likewise, a sofa set, bench or hanging chair can be transformed with a cushion update. “A cost-effective way to make an impact, rather than replacing the whole set,” says McCowan Hill. “A different colour or pattern will give existing furniture a whole new look.

“Make a focal point of seating areas with a splash of colour, or choose bright contemporary whites to reflect the sunshine. A few smaller stylish decorative touches, like outdoor lanterns and a change in plant pots, can make a big difference to the overall finished look.”

For more inspiration, check out websites such as Celina Digby ( – it has a great garden range of water resistant garden cushions (starting from £29.99) and matching tablecloths (from £49.99).

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