How to make your home healthy

healthy home

Have you been inspired by TV’s lifestyle and makeover shows to add a healthy sparkle to your home but not sure where to start?

Let s1homes guide you through some of the best ways to make your home both healthy and happy.

Beware: the side-effects can include outward joy and inner contentment!


Get Creative

Whether you have a large house or cosy apartment, it’s important to consider its layout.

You don’t need to be a feng shui guru because every area can quickly become a zen zone with a little thought.

If you love greenery but have no garden, window boxes look and smell wonderful filled with herbs or flowers.

Love reading? Open a new chapter with a library corner in your living room.

Want to work out? An exercise bike or treadmill and some free weights create an instant and free-to-join gym.

Making space for your passions in this way allows your home environment to blossom.


Spring Clean

This isn’t just for Spring. Clutter can amass at any time – it gets in your way, stops you using spaces effectively, and gathers dirt and dust.

Regularly decluttering keeps your home more spacious, feeling fresher and clean.

And why not donate unwanted items to your local charity shop for some karmic brownie points?


Get Green-Fingered

You don’t need a large garden or horticultural expertise to go green. There are indoor houseplants that are so easy to keep they’re practically indestructible. They also have a positive effect on the ambience of any room. Some can even directly improve the health of your home.

Peace Lillies, for example, not only look great but, are known to purify and clean the air around them.

Other low-maintenance greenery includes versatile Aloe Vera, pretty English Ivy and speedy-sprouting Spider Plants (spiders not included!).


Ditch the Toxins

Chemicals often seem like the easiest way to maintain the healthy sparkle in our homes. Harsh cleaning products can cause more harm than good – to our precious items, to the wider ecosystem and to our own physical health.

There are plenty of natural cleaners that can be concocted from items already in the house. Lemons, baking soda, white vinegar, natural salt and various essential oils can all be used to clean just about everything from curtains to cupboards.


Bust the Dust

Stagnant and stale air? Keep the windows open as often as possible to allow fresh air in and consider fitting a purifier too.

Dust-prone fabrics such as bedding and sofa covers should also be thoroughly washed regularly. A drop of eucalyptus oil added to the wash helps eliminate dust mites, too.


Creating a happy, healthy home need not be a chore. And neither is finding your dream property to rent or buy . . . all thanks to s1homes!

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