How to organise a house-warming party

house warming party

What better way to celebrate moving into your new home than by throwing a house-warming party? It’s the perfect opportunity to show off your des res to family and friends.

Alas, it’s also fraught with danger: from running out of food to kitchen appliance meltdowns and even wardrobe malfunctions.

Want to guarantee you’re the host with the most and your soiree succeeds? Let s1homes be your guide.


The menu

Before deciding what you’re going to cook, reach out in advance to your guests to avoid hiccups, both figuratively and literally.

While you may not have Oscar-full and vegan Joaquin Phoenix on your guest list checking first means you’ll have options to meet everyone’s dietary preferences and preclude possible allergies (see here for yummy vegan recipes).

One way to make sure every guest is satisfied is by serving a buffet-style repast with several different dishes based around a central theme, such as Asian, Italian or even Granny Ina’s ‘traditional’.

Worried you might run short? Keep a back-up reserve of tasty party snacks in your fridge, ready and primed for action – or perfect for tomorrow’s work lunch.

If you need more inspiration remember to check our article about how to be cool in the kitchen.


The entertainment

Despite all your prep in the kitchen, dinner parties are not all about the food. So, what are you going to do besides eating?

If it’s a casual affair, you could suggest playing board games (avoid Monopoly unless you have several days and an umpire in riot gear).

If it’s more formal, serve after-dinner drinks and kick off an engaging conversation around hot topics. Avoid politics in favour of fun subjects . . . such as new homes, interior décor ideas and up-and-coming locations (top tip: brush up on your knowledge beforehand with our s1homes blog.


The playlist

Put the party in dinner party with cool music. For the opening hour when everyone is drinking cocktails and breaking the ice (and hopefully not your new lamps), choose

upbeat tempos for a light and happy atmosphere. This playlist should mix and match genres to appeal to all tastes.

During dinner, however, choose background music that complements the conversation and seamlessly transitions between songs. No-one of a nervous disposition wants Eminem suddenly dropping one just as they’re about to sip their soup.

Top tip: avoid kitsch classical muzak. Your guests may feel as though they’re trapped inside a lift and there’s a real danger someone will fall asleep in their risotto.


The ambience

Offering a tranquil space not only sets the mood for your entire dinner party it reflects the quality of your dining space. Remember, too, this is your chance to let your new home shine so don’t be shy about showing it off.

Arrange your seating and the dining table so they are not an obstacle course but instead welcomes guests and lead them into the room.

Take time to choose soft lighting and position it so that it illuminates your fresh décor and clean lines yet is also subtle and soothing.


The scents

You’ve provided everyone with a lovely ‘nose bag’ of nosh but we’re not quite finished with the nostrils yet. Our sense of smell is incredibly important when dining as we use it to enhance our taste. As well as wafting the aroma of your succulent dishes, ensure the rest of the home is just as easy on the nasal cavities.

So long as they’re subtle and not overpowering, scented candles and fresh flowers will do the trick. Some scents, such as winter fruits, will even help build your guests’ appetite.


The being there

Finally, this is your day too and you want to spend as much time as possible with your guests. So, plan a menu that can be prepared in advance then heated just before serving and serve drinks that don’t take a lot of effort. That’s a big no-no to fresh mojitos every five minutes.

If you do end up in the kitchen, use it as an excuse to invite your guests in – this way you get help, enjoy the chat and can show off your worktops.


Still looking for your perfect home to throw a house-warming party? Be our guest as we welcome you to the hottest properties to buy or rent on s1homes.

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