How to plan the best Christmas party at home

Preparing for Christmas dinner

It’s been a long time coming, but we can finally have a proper Christmas get-together with friends and family this year, so it’s important we go all out – whilst we still can. And with recent announcements meaning that some businesses have cancelled office parties at the last minute, you may need to plan a backup party at home, of course for a much smaller crowd.

So, whether it’s a feast for the family, cocktails with colleagues, or nibbles with the neighbours, here are our top tips for planning the best Christmas party at home.

The guestlist and staying safe

Of course, when planning any sort of get-together during these times, you still need to take measures to ensure everyone is safe and protected. Keep your numbers low and ask guests to take a lateral flow test the morning of the party. If your work party has been cancelled, don’t try and invite the whole workforce to your home! Invite those closest to you and those that you know will keep as safe as possible. We know it’s cold, but open up windows where you can to keep rooms ventilated too. Also, if your guests feel more comfortable wearing a face mask then encourage them to do so and of course, guests should wash their hands regularly either using your facilities or hand sanitiser.

Layout a festive feast

The type of party you are hosting depends on what food you should offer. You might be planning a full sit-down meal with all the trimmings, or just some party snacks and canapés. No matter what, your guests will be expecting something to eat but best give them a heads up of what you are planning, so they know whether to have dinner before they arrive. You don’t want guests showing up with empty bellies and all you have on offer is finger food.

If you’re not that experienced in the kitchen, and to avoid a stressful evening stuck away from your guests, then party food and light bites is the best way to go. Most party selections can be cooked at the same temperature for the same amount of time which means it’s all ready at the same time. Plus, you can serve on trays or in bowls and hand out disposal plates meaning less washing up for you. Let everyone help themselves, encourage seconds or thirds – once it’s gone, it’s gone! Remember to include some sweet treats for afters too; maybe some boxes of chocolates, cakes or even crisps and nuts.

Make sure you check for any dietary requirements too and arrange a selection where possible. Don’t limit choice if you can, for example, meat-eaters can enjoy vegetarian and vegan options too!

Bring your own booze

A lot of expense can go towards buying alcohol for your party, and most of it you wouldn’t drink yourself. Don’t buy endless bottles of spirits that may go to waste, instead encourage guests to bring their own drinks and forego any gifts. Of course, it’s a good idea to offer a welcome drink or one for a toast, so a couple of bottles of fizz or even a cocktail will go down well. Of course, always provide a non-alcoholic option too. Either some non-alcoholic beers, wine, or bubbles or just some soft drink options.

Planning to go all out? How about creating your own custom cocktails and having a choice for your guests? Try giving them some festive names or name them after yourself! You can make them up in advance in carafes or jugs, label them up and let your guests help themselves.

Fun and games

Christmas is all about having fun and celebrating with friends and family, so if you’re planning a party then you’ll need some games. You don’t need anything too extravagant, why not give some classic games a festive twist? Try charades or Pictionary but using only Christmas movies and characters or even pin the red nose on Rudolph.

Have you been missing zoom quizzes? Why not have a small Christmas quiz and assign each guest a different category beforehand and they bring questions with them?

Nothing gets a party started, or ends it, with a round of karaoke. Or just keep things simple and dust off the old family board games, everyone loves a bit of Cluedo!

Give a gift

We all love getting presents at Christmas, even if it’s just a simple favour. You can incorporate gift-giving into your games by playing pass the parcel or give some away as prizes to the winning teams or players. Obviously, these don’t need to be expensive gifts, even some chocolate coins or even cards with loving messages. You don’t need to spend a lot to share a lot of love at Christmas. Even better, instead of Secret Santa, ask each of your guests to donate to charity, such as Social Bite. For just £5 donation you can buy a homeless person Christmas dinner or £20 donation would get someone a bed for the night.


Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have a safe and fun Christmas. And if you’re on the hunt for a new home, then you can search thousands of properties to rent and for sale at today.


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