How to spot garden pitfalls

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From pesky plants to dangerous drains, buying a home with outdoor space can sometimes be a perilous business.

Thankfully, s1homes is here to help with a handy guide to finding the hazards a garden can be hiding.

If you can identify these potential pitfalls now, you can ask the seller to get them properly sorted before finalising any deal.

Japanese Knotweed

We don’t like to disrespect any plant at s1homes but this really is as nasty as it sounds.

Introduced in the Victorian era as an ornamental vine, it can break through concrete walls and foundations – think of it as the Incredible Hulk of the plant kingdom.

It’s difficult to get rid of, its removal is subject to local and national regulations and it can seriously depreciate property values.

If you’re in any doubt about its presence, get a professional gardening expert to take a look and advise you.

Drain Damage

Old drainage and sewer systems with poor seals and leaking joints can cause long-term problems in the garden or under your house.

But even in newbuild homes, invasive tree roots can break and block drains.

When a drain leaks it not only causes a stink, it can also lead to the formation of cavities where water leaks into the soil and threatens a home’s infrastructure.

If you smell trouble, a thorough home inspection should include mention of any standing water in areas such as the basement or under floorboards.

Lawn Menace

Another potential drainage problem is in the garden itself, particularly if you have a large area of lawn.

Right now this may well be looking perfectly green and healthy. But come winter and a lengthy spell of torrential downpours and your dear green land could become a lake big enough to hide Nessie.

So check to see that soils and grassy areas in the garden drain away well and ensure your chosen property isn’t actually located in a basin at the lowest point of the neighbourhood.

Creepy Climbers

There’s something romantic about a picture postcard cottage covered with Ivy or Wisteria.

But be wary. Climbers can potentially inflict damage to exterior walls if not properly maintained.

Again, this is a job for a professional gardener to survey or it can form part of a Home Report from a RICS-registered surveyor.

For beautiful properties with small gardens, big gardens and no gardens at all, dig into s1homes.

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