How to warm up your home this winter

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When it comes to winter in Scotland, the weather can be pretty harsh from hail, sleet and snow bringing icy roads and freezing temperatures. So at this time of year, it’s important to make sure our homes are toasty warm, keeping the cold out and the heat in.

Right now, most of us are staying home a bit more so our heating bills are bound to be a bit higher this year. It doesn’t matter whether you rent or own your home, there are simple things you can do to keep your home warm this winter.

Make sure your heating system is in working order

Can you remember the last time your heating system was checked by a professional? You may find that it’s due for an annual service or could do with a little check over. Check all your radiators and make sure they are heating up all over, sometimes they seem to be heating up ok but aren’t as hot as they should be. It could be as simple as the water not circulating properly and could be fixed by bleeding your radiator.

Do the same with your hot water taps too, are they as hot as they should be?

If you notice any issues, it’s best to get them sorted now before it’s too late or engineers become busier.

If you’re renting, let your landlord know about any issues with your heating straight away as it’s their responsibility to deal with them quickly.

To save money and energy, it’s best to leave the heating on low rather than cranking it up and then letting rooms get cold again. Set the timer so that your heating comes on first thing in the morning, before you get up, then stays on low throughout the day, with little boosts for when you come in from work or when it starts to get darker in the evenings.

Deal with drafts

You may find that some rooms are colder than others in your home, which can be down to drafty windows, doors or even the type of flooring you have.

Heavy curtains can block drafts from finding their way through window frames, while replacing the seals is a fairly easy task for a DIYer or tradesperson. If you have a radiator beneath a drafty window the heat can escape quickly without you feeling the benefit, so tackle these sooner than later.

A new pair of cosy slippers might keep your feet warm but if you’re finding drafts coming through your doors then adding some excluders at the bottom will keep the rest of you warm.

It’s estimated that the average home loses 10% of its heat through windows and doors so for homeowners, investing in double glazing can save energy and money in the long term. If you’re renting a property with single glazed windows, make sure you speak to your landlord about the temperature issues during winter. They may be more likely to upgrade the windows if they were aware of the problems you are experiencing.

It’s worth convincing your landlord to upgrade – it will benefit them just as much as you.

Wrap up warm

We all know how good it feels to wrap up in your favourite woolly jumper or blanket but do your pipes? All exposed piping in the home should be lagged – something you can check if you own the property but one you’ll need to ask your landlord to check if you rent. If they haven’t been insulated, then they should be.

Frozen pipes can be a common problem during the colder months, especially for older properties, but keeping your heating temperature on low will help to avoid the risk of a burst pipe. Just like pipes, loft spaces and cavity walls can benefit from insulation – in fact, this work not only sees a warmer winter but can actually save you hundreds of pounds in lower energy bills over the course of the year.

If you’re renting, check with your landlord about having this done along with the pipes.

Keep cosy

Once you’ve dealt with the big areas, remember there are other small ways to feel a bit cosier at home. Put your lamps on timers to come on when it starts getting a bit darker and adding softer, warmer bulbs will help give the feel of a warm glow. In the evenings, light some candles to not only add an extra glow but also fill the room with nice scents. Add some extra blankets and take a hot water bottle to bed with you.


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