Is your property retirement-ready?


Thinking about retiring? Perhaps you’ve been looking on s1homes for a cosy country cottage, a condo by the coast or a trendy town-centre apartment? Whatever your preference, it’s well worth considering the suitability and functionality of the property. Let’s find out how to ensure your property is retirement-ready.


Getting in and out of your home safely should be a priority. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy tweaks that can improve accessibility.

For example, you might consider installing a small ramp to the front door instead of steps, placing handrails or adding outside lighting to make it easier to navigate your way in the dark.



If your retirement pad is a bungalow, moving around the home will be much easier. If your property has stairs, however, this may inhibit you. Installing an extra bannister rail should be your first action.

For those who need extra support, investigate installing a stairlift.

Renters should check with their landlord before making any big changes.



Rearranging your furniture can make living spaces more practical by opening up wider walk-through areas. Alternatively, place the sofa so its back acts as something solid to lean on when moving around the room.

You might also consider moving your bedroom to the ground floor so you don’t have to climb the stairs late at night and you’re closer to the bathroom.



If your property has a bath, fit grab rails that make getting in and out easier. Bath lifts can be installed, too, for those with poor mobility. Walk-in showers with seats are also worth considering.

There are also plenty of options for adapting the toilet for easier use. Handrails can help, as well as toilet-seat raisers and even hi-tech, hands-free smart toilets.

Small changes can make a huge difference, such as replacing rugs with non-slip mats, decluttering and swapping clunky shower doors for easy-to-open curtains.



It’s important to make this room user-friendly. This can include lowering counter-tops, opting for a shallow sink and replacing hard-to-reach cabinets.

In terms of gadgets, there are loads of senior-suitable accessories that can be added to kitchens to make them safer and more usable. Kettle tipper, anyone?



Home security should be a top target for all of us, elderly or otherwise. An intercom or video entry phone can provide extra peace of mind, as can installing an alarm system. It may also be worth considering a new landline telephone that amplifies sound, has larger buttons or uses voice-call technology.



As we get older, seemingly harmless things in the home can prove potentially hazardous. Taps should be clearly marked to avoid burns, motion sensor lights can make moving around easier and all the necessary safety features, such as smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, should be fully functional.


Follow our top tips and your home will be retirement-ready in no time. If you’re searching for your dream property to retire to, check out the latest sale and rental opportunities on s1homes.

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