Kerb appeal: First impressions count

Kerb-appeal-1-circleThe outer appearance or ‘kerb appeal’ can make or break the decision to view a property, never mind buy it. When you advertise your home on a property portal, often the first image is an exterior view so if it’s not a good one, the viewer will click past to the next one without a second thought.

A property with kerb appeal is not necessarily always the most attractive house but there are steps you can take to make your home more desirable and have those viewers clamouring at your front door.


  1. Wash your windows

Dirty windows are off-putting to potential buyers. You want your property to be remembered for good reasons so wash them yourself or pay a professional. That also goes for curtains or blinds at the windows – sort out those yellowed net curtains.

  1. Clean and paint your front door

Giving the door a lick of paint will freshen it up and make the entrance to your home far more welcoming. Wash rain or dirt marks off and clean the glass. If it’s wooden, paint the door and frames.

  1. Update handles and letterboxes

This doesn’t have to cost much but adds style. Choose ‘door furniture’ that is in-keeping with the style of your home i.e. period styles for period properties or more contemporary styles for a modern property. It might even be a case of just polishing what is already there.

  1. Place some lightingKerb-appeal-2-circle

For evening viewers it may be dark so it’s important to have well-lit paths and steps. We’re not suggesting installing floodlights around your property but some discreetly placed solar lights, or lanterns at the front steps will help.

  1. Tidy the garden and paths

You want your viewers to see the potential in your home. If the path to the front door is flanked by weeds, the path needs swept or the paving needs the attention of a power hose then this will put them off before they’ve even stepped inside. If you live in a flat, speak to the property managers or neighbours association about cleaning up the common areas.

  1. Add some plants

Even if you don’t have much of a garden, a few tubs or a window box can add some colour to the outside of your property. You might even consider a quality artificial pot plant on your step.

  1. Make general repairs

A broken fence, rusted railings or a crumbling wall are all off-putting so get them sorted before putting your house on the market. This also goes for clearing weeds from the gutters and replacing any cracked pipes.

  1. Number your home

Make sure viewers and estate agents can actually find your property. Add a number to your front door or place it at the gate. And if you live in a flat, make sure the buzzer is clearly marked so they know which button to press.kerb-appeal-3-circle

  1. Outside your property

The street area outside your home might technically be public property but it still impacts the look of your home. Sweep the street area, pick up any litter and do what you can to make it presentable.

  1. Consider your neighbours

Is the house next door impacting your kerb appeal? Ask them to tidy up or offer to help clear gardens or make minor repairs. You can offer to help out as you’re doing your own anyway and the extra bit of work will be to your benefit.

Do you have any other tips? Let us know.

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