Living Alone vs Home Sharing

living alone

There’s nothing quite like moving into your own place to enjoy a new sense of freedom and independence.

But before you rent, it’s a good idea to decide if you want to live alone or find someone to share the experience . . . and, of course, the bills.

To help, we’ve compiled a handy list of points to consider.


Going it alone: the pros



What could be better than lazing on the sofa after a hard day at work, indulging in fast food while flicking through some TV shows? Well, if you decide to live alone, this fantasy could become a reality.

You’re free to do as you please when you please. Friends coming for dinner on Friday? Cool! Silent meditation on a Sunday? Why not?



Minimalist or lavish, whatever your personal style choices, living alone gives you free reign to indulge without the need for compromise.

From funky furniture to daring décor, you can really put your own stamp on your home.



Living alone should be a stress-free scenario. Solo dwellers can avoid many of the strains that come from living with a flat or housemate. There’s no one to create a mess, make too much noise or dip into your secret stash of chocolate biscuits. Bliss!


. . . and the cons



Living alone is pricier. As well as stumping up the rental payments every month, you must also cover utility bills. So, if you really want to live alone, make sure you’ve sufficient income to cover all your costs.



Living alone can be fun most of the time but it can also get lonely. There’s no one to share your day’s stories, cook dinner with or watch the next Netflix release with.


Dare to share: the pros



All the costs of living in your house are shared. If money is a bit tight or you’re trying to save, sharing could be the ideal solution. You might even end up with a bit more disposable income every month.


Life lessons

You’ll learn a lot by sharing – and not just about your ‘other half’! Living with someone can teach you a lot about yourself too. You’ll discover just what you can tolerate as well as how to exercise patience and communicate effectively. You may also learn new skills, dip into a new culture or try some new recipes.


. . . and the cons



One of the major drawbacks of cohabiting is the lack of privacy. You run a bath and suddenly someone needs to use it at the same time. You invite friends over and your flatmate has already commandeered the lounge for an online gaming marathon. You get the gist!



Let’s face it, none of us really loves to compromise. But, if you share a flat, you will have to learn how to. This means adhering to the cleaning schedule, respecting personal space and being mindful when using communal items and spaces.


Whether you dare to share or decide to fly solo, s1homes has the perfect selection of rental properties.

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