Make it your resolution to sell



When it comes to selling your home it’s never too late to make New Year resolutions you can stick to . . .  thanks to professional advice from s1homes.

Your personal trainer

Many of us set ourselves a new fitness regime for the New Year but imagine having your own personal trainer to help you. Well, when it comes to property, this is the job of the estate agent. So, take your time and choose the best.

Just as with getting fit, this will be the one most suited to your personal situation. Do they normally sell your type of property? What is their success rate? Do they know your area? What is their marketing strategy?


Set realistic goals

Sadly, doing Veganuary and running for the bus when you’re late for work won’t turn you into Eliud Kipchoge. Similarly, you can’t expect to sell your two-up, two-down for “one meeeelion dollarz”!

Aim too high and you could lose a sale: aim too low and you could lose out on money.

So, take professional advice from your agent – who will know the local market and its recent history – and ask them to list your property at a realistic asking price.


Set sensible deadlines

No-one becomes a super-athlete overnight; it takes time. Conversely, you don’t want to spend a decade working up to a 5K fun run.

So set a sensible deadline and tell your estate agent and solicitor when you ideally want to complete the sale.

If things slide a little, don’t be shy about badgering your agent, solicitor or surveyor to get things done – you’re paying for their time and expertise and they’re pros who know what to do and when.


It’s now or never

It’s no good starting a New Year resolution to get your beach body in August. Similarly, getting your home oven ready for a hot sale should begin immediately.

Is there decorating to be done or irritating little DIY jobs, such as that shoogly skirting board, needing finished?

Well, get your best Nike face on and just do it.

Also make sure to declutter and spring clean every nook and cranny.

When your estate agent turns up to take photos for your marketing material, you want your home to be a super model!


Use the buddy system

When we begin a new sport or start training for the New Year, it’s often helpful to have a buddy who will offer support and morale-boosting advice.

In property matters, too, you have your very own support system in your estate agent and your solicitor.

So, when you need advice or simply want to check on progress to give yourself a lift, pick up the phone or email your property buddy.

With their help, you’ll be over the finishing line before the rest of us have handed in our new gym membership.


Make it your New Year resolution to get the best deals in property with s1homes.


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