Make Your Home Winter-Proof

A child in woolen gloves and a sweater warms his hands near the heater.

Whether we’re enjoying a winter wonderland or battling woeful weather, at this time of year, we need to ensure our homes are fully protected.

Whether you rent or own, this means taking care of areas such as insulation and heating. Ice can also mean burst pipes and slippery steps.

So let’s find out more about how to make your home winter-proof.


Get That Warm Glow

When was the last time you had your heating system checked by a professional?

This is the best – and least expensive – way to make sure it will see you right through the winter.

If you’re renting, your landlord should provide this for you – they, too, don’t want to get caught unprepared and landed with a huge repair bill.

To save money and energy, it’s best to leave the heating on low rather than cranking it up then letting rooms get cold again. Set the timer so the heating continues to come on regularly if you are away.


Be a Draft Dodger

Does your living room sometimes feel like a wind tunnel?

Heavy curtains can block drafts finding their way through window frames, while replacing the seals is a fairly easy task for a DIYer or tradesperson.

You may have a new pair of slippers for Christmas but draft excluders at the bottom of doors will keep your tootsies extra-warm.

It’s estimated the average home loses 10% of its heat through windows and doors so for homeowners, investing in double glazing can save energy and money in the long term.

If you rent, it’s worth convincing your landlord to upgrade – it will benefit them just as much as you.


Wrap Up Tight

Granny Ina knows the value of a wearing a woolly cardigan in winter and so, too, do your pipes. All exposed piping in the home should be lagged – if your landlord has not insulated the pipes, ask for this to be done.

Leaving the heating on at a low temperature will also reduce the risk of pipes becoming frozen then potentially bursting.


Lofty Ambitions

Just like pipes, loft spaces and cavity walls can benefit from insulation – in fact, this work not only sees a warmer winter but also can actually save you hundreds of pounds in lower energy bills over the course of the year.

If you’re renting, check with your landlord about having this done – and remember to check the Government’s website as there are some grants available.


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