Make your home work for you

work from home

There’s no early morning commute, no strict dress code, no distractions and you make your own hours. What’s not to like about working from home?

If you’re looking to buy or rent your dream property on s1homes but also want to enjoy the benefits of a home-based workplace, here are our top tips and golden rules for the perfect work-life balance.


The Red Tape

Planning permission isn’t usually required if the part of the home you use for work doesn’t change the overall character of the property as a residence. However, if you’re renting, you should ask permission in advance from your landlord if you plan to work from the property. If you rent from a local council or housing association, you should apply for this permission in writing.


The Paperwork

If you work from your home, you should always tell your insurance provider. Most general policies will not cover business activities, items such as computers or visiting customers. The golden rule? You’re better safe than sorry!


The Boundaries

Having a specific place reserved exclusively for work means you can focus on business when ‘in the zone’ but switch off when you leave it.

This area could be a spare room that’s been converted into an office or workspace, or simply a corner of the main living area set aside for work

The golden rule? Do not go near the work zone when you’re not supposed to be working!


The Meal Deal

Whether you’re creating felt tapestries or writing your first novel, don’t eat lunch at work. Workplace munching without getting up and about can lead to increased calorie consumption and weight gain.

Why not use the kitchen or dining room as a break-out area?

The golden rule? Have an oasis where you can take time to relax and not only enjoy your food but also time out from working.


The Surroundings

This is your space for a large part of the day so make sure you truly enjoy it. Whether it’s a standing desk or a proper seat, be comfortable and be careful of maintaining good posture.

Plenty of natural light will help keep you alert, while decorative features such as pot plants will bring greenery and a relaxing atmosphere.


The Exercise Zone

If your property has a garden this is an ideal place for taking time out from work and maybe even indulging in a spot of exercise.

And remember, even if you buy or rent an apartment with limited space, there’s nothing stopping you clocking up the miles on a treadmill while you work!


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