Make your rental home pet-friendly


Anyone who’s ever watched The Secret Life of Pets will know the high jinks they can get up to. That’s why it’s so important, if you have a pet, to consider all of the implications of moving into a rental property.

Rentals have lots of positives and it’s easy to find the best of them on s1homes. But it can get more complicated if you’re planning to take your furry, feathered, shelled or a slithery friend with you.

This handy s1homes guide pinpoints all the things you need to do to make sure your new rental is pet-friendly.



Not allowing yourself sufficient time to search for the best rental property will only cause stress. So give yourself lots of time to properly search on s1homes for a place that suits your pet’s needs.

This way you’re more likely to secure a property that ticks all of the boxes rather than panic yourself into signing a lease for a home that’s not quite right.



Is this the best area for your best friend? Are there quiet lanes or a big park nearby for safe daily walks with Fido or safe nocturnal adventures for Moggy?

You should also take great consideration when it comes to things like the noise level locally – whether this is from traffic or a nearby school – as these can have a big impact on your pet’s stress levels and behaviour.



A major thing to consider in a new rental is its spacial suitability. If you have a big dog, a lovely bijou flat with little room to manoeuvre isn’t the best option. It might also be best going for a ground floor flat for quick and easy access to the great outdoors.

Similarly, cats and high-rise apartments are not often the best combo.

So keep your best friend in mind when making the decision on which size and type of property you want to go for.



You’ll need to make sure your landlord allows you to keep pets in your new place. Never be tempted to just move in with your pal. A quick chat with your potential landlord will avoid an awkward conversation later when, inevitably, they find out – a discovery that could result in the termination of your tenancy.

Some landlords can be quirky about different kinds of pets – letting tenants bring in some kinds of animal but not others – so it’s important to double-check.


Report card

Why not provide a reference from your previous landlord to show your pet is well behaved and hasn’t had any issues at your previous property? Not only will this demonstrate you’re a responsible owner but that you’re taking into consideration how your new landlord feels.

You might even want to introduce your pet to put everyone’s mind at ease.



Not crucial to your move but certainly something that will make life easier is making sure your neighbours are comfortable living with a pet next door. This can avoid an uneasy or confrontational relationship in the future.

Another thing to consider is whether your pet is noisy or nervous around new people or children. This might require a period of adjustment that all parties need to be aware of and monitor.


For a pet-friendly home for you and your best friend, take a look at the latest rental properties on s1homes.

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