Refresh your rooms on a budget

refresh budget

Are you worried your rooms are growing a little stale but you don’t have the spare cash to change everything? What can you do?

Well, the first thing is to understand little touches make big differences . . .  and with our top tips, you can work wonders without breaking the bank.


Shuffle the pack

The least expensive option is simply to shift everything about. This is a quick and easy way of refreshing your rooms without buying anything at all.

Rearranging the living room furniture offers a whole new outlook on life.

Even little changes such as moving a lamp can change the entire ambience of a room, with light now coming from new angles.

Hanging paintings and mirrors in different rooms or new positions will also instantly change how you view your home. Having things at one level in a room can make it seem uniform and boring, so let your eyes be drawn to different levels to liven things up.


Let’s get fresh again

It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint can revitalise a room. This is especially true in hallways, where the everyday traffic in and out can leave scuffmarks and stains.

Similarly, hiring a super-strength cleaner can transform shabby and stained carpets into great looking, fresh smelling and tootsie-tingling floors.


The green scene

Plants have an amazing ability to interrupt the standard colours and soften the sharp edges of walls. They also add vibrancy and life to any room. Best of all, they’re cheap and readily available from local supermarkets and garden centres.

Put plants in left, right and centre and your place will feel refreshed in no time at all – as will all of your senses.


Get cosy with your home

Cushions and throws are other good ways to introduce a new vibe without splashing the cash too much. Their colours and positions can give a room some much needed variety.

Candles will not only complete the look – who doesn’t enjoy a candlelight atmosphere? – but also fill rooms with beautiful scents.

Rugs, too, are a great way to change the look of a room, regardless of whether you already have a carpet or wooden floor. These can be inexpensive but make sure you coordinate so the colours don’t clash with existing furnishings. Vibrancy is good: a kaleidoscope of psychedelic rainbows not so much.


Bag beautiful bargains

Finally, indulge yourself by buying those little treasures that you might not even expect you could afford.

The best way to do this is scour charity stores, bric-a-brac shops and second-hand outlets online for bargain ornaments and objets d’art – those quirky rarities that you can’t find anywhere else but will make instant talking points in your home.


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