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RE/MAX Elite have revealed the secret of their success: Only when you fully understand the needs of your client, can you really serve them best.

It’s a formula that has served the estate agency very well. Covering the Highlands and Moray, they’ve just opened a brand new office in Fairways Business Park in Inverness.

Owner and estate agent Tony Lister believes it’s their bespoke approach that sets RE/MAX Elite apart.

“If multiple people are involved in serving customers’ needs, it can be a bit like a game of ‘Chinese Whispers’,” he says. “When only one agent is involved, they have no-one to hide behind, if things go wrong. Our agents are aware of this and value their reputations. They will always, therefore, do all in their power to serve their clients as they have promised.

“All our agents are self-employed and don’t earn anything until the sale is completed – they work on a commission basis. It’s in their interest, therefore, to negotiate the best possible price for our clients.

“And once a deal has been agreed, they will do all they can to assist both parties to the sale to ensure the sale is completed.”

Tony adds that opening their new office sends a clear statement of intent to clients. “RE/MAX Elite is here to stay. We offer a service way beyond what’s possible for online agents. For our agents, the office offers a stable base. They can and often do work from home but when they need help or training, we can react to their needs far quicker now we have our own office work space.”

With the property market throughout the Highlands expanding rapidly, Tony believes there is plenty of room for growth and is currently recruiting new associate estate agents.

He says: “Our new agents need to be self-motivated and possess high levels of customer care. They effectively run their own business within our business and will be involved in all the aspects of the sales process from start to finish.”

This process is bespoke right down to the last detail. For example, all photographs and property schedules are shown to clients for approval prior to posting online.

“We act as agents for our clients and are extremely sensitive to their opinions,” notes Tony.

A RE/MAX Elite agent will also build a team of professionals through networking – from plumbers to joiners and solicitors to surveyors.

“This means whatever our clients need, if we can’t help, we know someone that can –always bearing in mind, if someone we recommend lets our clients down, it reflects on us.”

Tony notes in the Highlands and Moray the market is good but competition high, with many agents cutting fees to compete.

“This drop in fees however has proven to lead to poorer service,” says Tony. “At RE/MAX we’ve refused to follow this model. Clients are encouraged to come to us for a better level of service and care. RE/MAX Elite are not 9-5 agents. We’re there when our clients need us to be!”


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