Seal the deal as a first-time buyer

Hugging Couple Celebrating Moving Into New Home

Congratulations! After years of working your socks off, you’ve saved enough for a deposit. Or perhaps you got lucky and a third cousin twice removed left you a small fortune.

However you got here, you’re on the brink of buying your first home and that’s a cause for celebration.

As you begin to explore the wonderful world of mortgages, estate agents and solicitors, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Everyone seems to be talking in jargon and you can feel like you’re in a game where you don’t really know the rules.

Fret not. As a first-time buyer you’re actually in a unique position that can be used to your advantage.

So let’s find out how to make your offer to buy simply irresistible.

Get real

The first step is to deal in facts not fantasies. Before you set your heart on that city centre penthouse or the marvellous mews in the west end, speak to an independent mortgage adviser for a reality check.

Find out how much you can expect to borrow and how big a deposit will be required. You can then start getting excited about properties that are within your budget – those you’re more likely to make successful offers on.

Be prepared

Now speed is of the essence. If you can get a lender to pre-approve a mortgage you’ll be able to move like lightning when you see the property you want on s1homes. Hopefully, you’ll have crossed the finishing line before the competition is still hunting for their running shoes.

Know your stuff

When it comes to putting in a successful bid, knowledge is power. If you know what’s hot and what’s not in the market, you’ll be able to pitch your offer accordingly. Do your market research on s1homes, look at what similar properties have gone for, examine the home report and then make your offer.

No baggage

Keep in mind as a first-time buyer you have the great advantage of not being part of a chain – your purchase is not dependent on you selling your own home first. This means you’re more flexible than an Olympic gymnast when it comes to moving-in dates. If the sellers need to move fast and you’re ready and waiting, your uncomplicated offer will be very appealing.

Follow up fast

Once your offer is verbally accepted, strike while the iron is hot. Have your solicitor on speed dial ready to swoop in and submit paperwork that includes all the terms and conditions. Once the missives are concluded, it’s time to break open the bubbly. Yes, you’ve just bought your first home!

Let’s get the party started with hot properties from s1homes.

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