Simple steps for selling your home

I like everything to be in its placeUpping sticks and setting your sights on new beginnings? If you’re planning on selling your home, then you need to make sure it stands out from the rest. You’ve heard the saying, first impressions count, so make sure you present your home in the best way possible. Whether you’re on hand to give the guided tour or leaving that in the capable hands of your estate agent, following these simple tips will hopefully guarantee that all important sale.

Trust Scotland’s home for homes

First things first, when it comes to selling your home you need to trust the experts. This is easy whether you’re listing your property privately or through an agent. If you’re listing privately, simply head to and follow the simple steps. If you’re going through an agent, luckily, we work with the biggest names in property like Countrywide, Allen & Harris and Slater Hogg & Howison so your property will appear on s1homes through their partnership with us.

What ya got cooking?

You might think that the aroma of freshly cooked food from the kitchen will fill viewers with the nostalgia of home-cooked meals and make them feel at home, but that only works if the smell is nice. So make sure you’ve got rid of last night’s curry or fish and chips before you let anyone in. It’s a good idea to avoid cooking the morning of a viewing and instead light some scented candles. And open some windows to let fresh air circulate.

Pets or pests?

At s1homes we love our pets but when it comes to selling your home, depending on the viewer, they could potentially put people off. If you can, see if a friend or relative could look after the pet during viewings. If you can’t find a pet sitter, make sure you advise any viewers that you have a pet before they arrive in case of allergies. Our pets come with lots of accessories like beds, toys and food bowls, so make sure these are all tidied away too.

Keep it clean

A dirty or untidy home is the last thing a prospective buyer wants to see, so it’s important to make time for a good clean and tidy. Viewings can come up last minute so it’s always a good tip to make sure you’re tidying up most nights before bed once your property is on the market. You never know, you might get a call during work the next day and have a viewer that evening and remember your knickers are still drying over the radiators. We know this may not be practical for everyone but keeping on top of it means you’re not panicking or postponing important viewings.

If your viewing is planned, do as much cleaning the day or night before so that the morning is left just for those last minute jobs like fluffing pillows, making the beds, taking the bins out and lighting candles.

It’s also important to note that during the current situation make sure that all surfaces are as clean as possible. Where you can, clean everything before and after viewings and, make sure you leave enough time between viewings to be able to do this.

Forget hide and seek

Don’t hide your mess in places that viewers might look. For example, don’t stick last night’s dirty dishes in the oven or forget to empty the washing machine. People are nosey and love to look into cupboards, ovens and even the cutlery drawer. So make sure you’re actually tidying things away and not just hiding them. Of course, if there are areas in your home that you’d rather they didn’t look then make that clear.

Show off the outdoors

If you’ve got outdoor space whether that’s a garden, balcony or driveway, make sure these areas shine just as much as the indoors. Give the grass a cut, trim the hedges, do some weeding, and even give your car a little wash too. People want to imagine themselves living in your home so make sure that dream becomes reality with proper staging.

Don’t forget the highlights

Remember that it’s not just about how your home looks, people are there to find out about the neighbourhood too. Tell them about all the good things in the area, schools, shops, transport links and also things that made you want to buy the property. Think about the things you’ve learnt along the way, is there a great takeaway nearby? How amazing are the neighbours? How cheap is heating? Little bits of information that can be relatable might really help viewers see themselves living there. Also, if you have a loft, don’t forget to mention that and allow them the chance to have a look. Extra storage is always a bonus! But don’t be too honest – no one needs to know about that time you set fire to the kitchen or that time you spilt red wine on the living room carpet.

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