Staying in is the new going out – how to have a fun weekend at home

Movie night at home!

2020 has been a pretty tough year all round, and just when it finally looked like we might have some more freedom, it feels like we’ve almost returned to lockdown life. And we now know all too well that it doesn’t feel great to have our freedom taken away. But if us Scots are  anything, we’re resilient and over the past few months, we’ve stretched our imaginations when it comes to finding entertaining things to do at home. If we’re going to have to take one for the team again, and if we can’t head out for our normal weekend plans then we’ll bring the plans to us.

So, we’ve rounded up some great ideas for bringing nights out home, from movie night to date night. Fun for all the family or just ways to chill out on your own.

Get the popcorn poppin’

Like many of us, you may be missing a night at the movies. Many of the big movie releases planned for 2020 were either shelved, postponed or released online. But you could bring Hollywood to your home, or your back garden, by hosting your own movie night. Lots of people have invested in movie nights at home with purchases of projectors and screens, new TVs and even popcorn machines. Easy to set up and connect to, you can bring the cinema home for you and your family. Check out Amazon or eBay for the best deals on home entertainment. Even without the huge screen and limited guests allowed you can still enjoy movie night with your mates. Everyone takes a turn to pick a movie they haven’t seen or their favourite one of all time, and you arrange a date and time you can all watch together. Then rate it or even quiz each other on it. It’s a good opportunity to finally sit down and watch all those classics that you’ve wanted to cross off your watch list but have never found the time.

Dine in for date night

Amongst everything else, date nights have probably suffered a bit during lockdown. With stress building up, money worries and your routine going out the window, it’s probably been hard finding time to enjoy being a couple. Why not try going through your favourite recipe book and cooking a new meal together? Really treat yourself to something fancy, with ingredients you normally wouldn’t try. The money you’re saving from not going out can go towards something you make together and that you’re really proud of. Not the most blessed in the kitchen? So many of your favourite local restaurants are doing deals for dining at home. Originally created during the heights of lockdown when restaurants were closed, but many have continued with home deliveries due to popular demand. Some are pre-made but you can also find ones that are cook-at-home.

If cooking isn’t your thing, why not make your own cocktails? Stick on some good tunes and have a laugh. It’s all about building memories with the one you love!

Fun for all the family

The kids are back at school but you still need to keep them entertained after hours and at the weekends. Luckily, parks are open so getting out in the fresh air is easy but not when the colder weather starts to show its face. So what can you do at home for fun whilst it’s blowing a gale outside? There’s a variety of things to choose from like board games, storytelling, crafts and even baking. Tablets, games consoles and Netflix are lifesavers for any parent but keep those for when you really need them. Depending on their age, board games like Cluedo and Monopoly are great pastimes and can go on for hours – sometimes days! They’re a great way to keep them focused and teach them how to play with others and also encourages adults and kids to play together. Jigsaw puzzles are also great as you can use them as a way to bring the family together and set a goal to complete. Got a birthday coming up? Why not bake a cake with the kids or even some biscuits or cookies that everyone can decorate themselves? Plus, it’s a little treat for you!

Depending on the size of your home, you could set up a scavenger hunt, setting up puzzles or clues for them along the way. A great way to keep them occupied but might involve a lot of tidying up afterwards!

We’ve spent so much time at home recently that no doubt you’ve created your own memories along the way, maybe that’s been home school projects, finally tackling those DIY jobs or learning a new skill.  So why not put these memories in a scrapbook to look back on? It’s a fun project either to do on your own or with others.

Whatever you get up to at the weekend, we hope you stay safe but most importantly, have fun.

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