Stress-free moving for all the family

moving with kids

‘Are we there yet?’ Yes, it’s that old favourite, the number one question kids love to holler at parents from the back seat of the car every other mile.

And yet, believe us, this is the least stressful thing you’re likely hear on the way to your new home.

“I’ve forgotten Teddy!’, ‘Which box did we pack Tiddles in?’, ‘I want to go home’,  ‘I preferred our old house!’ all make the hit parade of pronouncements sure to induce sudden panic.

The fact is youngsters can feel just as anxious as mum and dad when making a move.

So to help make the whole process as smooth and painless as possible for all the family, here are our top tips.

Boxing clever

Choose fun materials for kids to use to pack their own stuff – including, of course, their favourite toys. Colorful cardboard boxes, cool stickers, neon marker pens and funky tape will make packing fun rather than stressful. Having personalised boxes also makes everything easier to find at the other end! And remember not to pack their favorite toy so they can have it during the moving day!

Put the fun into flitting

From races to see who can fill the most removal boxes first (yikes, not with the crystal glasses!) to drawing pictures of how your new rooms are going to look, there are many ways to make the weeks-long process of moving less of a chore and more of a fun game.

Go on a recce together

No great commander will ever move their troops of teeny tots without first going on a reconnaissance mission. While there make sure to take a tour of all of the good points in the local area, whether that’s the local park for enjoying outdoor fun or amenities such as a swimming pool, cinema or adventure centre.

It’s game on!

Let’s explore all of the new rooms! I wonder if there are dragons at the bottom of the garden? Is that really the world’s biggest bath for bubbles? Yes, on arrival, a new property really can be the best activity centre ever built and the only limit, to the feel good factor about a new home, is your shared imagination.

It’s all about teamwork

Every parent knows that modern kids are more discerning than ever and so they know precisely what they want in a new house. Why not encourage them to help you choose the decor and designs for your new home in advance? This can include everything from the wallpaper in their bedroom to the best design for the toys and games room. Becoming involved in the planning will help reduce any worries.

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